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    Howdy fellas.
    Just wondering if anyone had any Boy Scout Summer Camp recommendations. In the past couple years we've been to Falling Rock a few times and also to Mountaineer in Morgantown, WV last year. We're looking to take the boys somewhere new this year that is still relatively close and affordable.
    Any recommendations?

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    A few years ago AEP closed campsite K for the boyscouts for two weeks, you might want to check that out(it's free).

  3. I used to work at falling rock back in my youth as a counselor. It used to be a blast but I have gotten away from scouting. Check into dan beard council we were at a camp near cincinatti a few years back and although I can't remember the name the camp was top notch. Seven ranges was pretty good and there are always the high adventure camps(none are close though).
  4. I always went to the Muskingum (sp?) Valley Scout Reservation in Coshocton County. It was always a good time.
  5. camp manatoc in peninsula. its really good the scout troop im affiliated with goes there and has been goin there for along time. its ran very nice.
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    Philmont in New Mexico... go if you can!
  7. Tinnerman Canoe Base - Ontario, Canada which is operated by the Greater Cleveland Council
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    Manatoc is a Boy Scout camp. I second that recommendation. It's in Peninsula next to the Cuyahoga Valley National Park north of Akron.
  9. Our boys are going to MUSKINGUM VALLEY SCOUT RESERVATION for the second year
    They have a real good merit badge program for summer camp
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    Awesome suggestions.
    thanks guys.
  11. I went to Ransburg (sp?) in Indiana a few times, Camp Crooked Creek in KY and Camp Friedlander here in Cincinnati (Actually worked as a counselor there the first year they opened) Philmont is a great choice as well as Sea Base and Northern treck (I think its called that) its canoeing in the boundry waters.
  12. I will first ecko Littleking, Philmont Ranch is a must in any Scout's life. I know my troop made it a little more affordable throught fund raisers and by taking cross country train out of Chicago (which turned out to be a really great experience in itself). If Philmont is out of the question I will list Mamoth Caves in KY as a close second. We camped in the State Park and toured the caves, great time.

  13. Four weight, when did you go to Philmont? Was Paul Powell or Dave Williams part of that excursion?
  14. i went to camp kern as a kid.
  15. As a normal summer camp, Seven Ranges has a great program. Their pipestone program is a great program, and gives the scouts something to work harder for. I think for most troops and most scouts, places like Philmont and Boundary Waters can be a bit much. While I highly reccomend both, reserve it for the older scouts. When I went to Philmont, we took a month and drove a big circle around the country out through Montana, into Wyoming and Yellowstone, down through the Tetons and Colorado and then back through OK, TX, and IN. Definitely the trip of a lifetime, and if you can get something like that put together, it will create memories to last a lifetime.

    We also took a bus up to the Boundary Waters canoe base. Another great trip. These are both expensive, so fundraising is a must.

    Seven Ranges is my #1 suggestion, Manatoc is #2 for summer camps.
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    i went to philmont in 94, i had the time of my life. memories i can still see today
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    Our troop ususally went to Goshen in SW Virginia- real nice camp. It's huge, nice lake, shooting range, they have specialty camps (mountainering, civil war, etc) or basic camps with tons of merit badge classes. My favorite camp there is called the Lenhock'sin Trail, where you hike 3-8 miles each day from one theme camp to another- we did mountain man (shot black powder rifles and made berry cobbler with the counsler), Indian (sweat lodge), rappelling, and pioneer (horseback riding). It is for the owned by the Capital area district, so I don't know if it's open to any troop. here's a link:
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    I would have to go with Seven Ranges scout camp. My son earned his 5th year pipestone there and earned his Eagle scout badge. I'm very proud of him!! I earned my Eagle Scout rank at Camp Oyo years ago.
  19. I forgot about camp oyo, they had a top notch program back in its day. We inherited a lot of oyo refugees after it closed its summercamp. Alot of good guys used to work there.