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Scored; 10 point!

Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by Fish-N-Fool, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. The weekend treated me as good as I'd hoped. Hunted all day in two locations Saturday & saw only 2 dogs and a coyote. Climbed into my stand Sunday morning @ 6:40; hunted till 8:45 - nothing. The sun was getting up and the wind started blowing. I'd planned to hunt till 10:30 regardless, but now my arms were tired so I hung my bow next to me in the tree.

    Just then I saw a big bodied deer run out of a standing corn field about 1200-1400 yards away. As if on a string, it crossed a farm lane and slowly made it's way into the standing bean field my stand overlooks. I could tell it was a mature buck from his body shape and the way he carried himself. He made his way to the edge of the 6 acre woods and checked it for does. I could hear him running around boldly through the woods. After a few moments he reappeared on the edge of the woods. I could see he had impressive brow tines 6-8'', 10 points and good mass. He sure isn't the largest racked deer I've seen, but a solid, even racked mature buck. He came right to my proven funnel; it's the only way out of the area with any cover. He was clever, and unlike the many young deer that stick to the easy trail that passes 12 yards from my stand, he kept his distance staying just inside the tree line. When he passed @ 31 yards I let it fly. I saw the shot was at the perfect height, but 6-8'' back from where I like them :mad: I watched as the buck ran 500-600 yards as if nothing had happened; then turned into a thick fence row. I waited 2.5 hours before making the recovery. I didn't track him; just walked out on the fencerow.

    Base 10 pointer, 18 inch inside spread, good mass, 6-7'' tines. I took him to
    Joe Dunn to be butchered for you guys that know him. He had 2 Rocky Mountain elk over there! Joe weighed him @ 194 lbs. dressed. Joe makes really good sticks.
  2. Congratulations Fish-N-Fool! That sounds like a real nice deer. I hope we get some pics soon.

    You fared much better than me. I went out pretty long Saturday morning and then a bit Saturday evening and did not see a single shooter, only a couple of young bucks. I am off work Thursday and Friday. Hopefully that will be the luck time for me.

  3. congrats on the buck!! :)