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  1. I've had a T/C Thunderhawk for years now and finally put a scope on it. Should have done it sooner,I can hit something now! Not a high priced scope Bushnell banner Dusk & Dawn but I like it. Shot 10 times and liked 7 of the 10. Two of the fliers were my fault the third who knows. Was using 100 grains Pyrodex RS and Hornady sabots 44-240 HP/XTP. It's a sweet little gun,light weight,short and real nice walnut stock. It still uses the no.11 percussion caps which are a pain,going to have to get a good capping tool is all.Thought about going to the 209 but don't see a big advantage so will keep it the way it is. At a little over a 100yds. the grouping was pretty good. May take some longer shots the next time out. I know Wave was hitting pretty good with his at 150yds. Bring on the deer and let's hope the weather is good,need some meat in the freezer!
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    Rattletraprex, wait until you see the biggest deer in your life and when that #11 cap doesn't go off because it got wet. Then you will see a reason. ;)

    That happened to me a few years ago while hunting at the Mosquito Refuge controlled hunt. It was a huge doe (or buck w/o antlers) but the gun never went off and I watched the deer walk away. I went out and bought an in-line before the next season after that happened. :mad:

  3. It's an in-line but uses the no.11 cap. Have thought about the conversion kit but never had a problem from the cap getting wet. I know there's been a few times I've had to fire more then once to get the cap to go off but that had nothing to do with it being wet. That may be something I do for next season.
  4. with the way both our guns performed i'm very confident...just need some dumb deer to help a little!!! i do agree he should convert to the 209 ignition but for now its firing good!!! and the scope is preety sweet also!!! much nicer than my pine ridge(cabelas) 2.5x7
  5. well old no.11 FIRED PERFECTLY!!! i.ll let rex post the rest....:D
  6. Double lung shot @ 80yds. Passed on the small buck and took the biggest doe! Yea that's one in the cooler.