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    I have a Mossberg 500. Bought it primarily because it was relatively cheap, dependable and an "all purpose" gun. I don't shoot a lot, primarily bow hunt. I use the 500 for squirrels and pheasants very rarely. I want to try some deer gun hunting next week. I want a scope for the gun. I want something cheap but dependable. Any suggestions? A couple days of hunting using the scope is all I need.

    Any advice?
  2. My vote is for a weaver K4 (Used of course). The USA made ones are <$50 used and are very good optics for the price. Most of the cheapy simmons and tasco scopes are not worth a penny in my opinion. They just don't hold up to a shotgun recoil and commonly lose their zero with each shot. Without spending quite a bit more I don't see any better options. If $$ are not an issue than Leupold and Burris Get my vote with Nikon also being a good value.

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    As stated, cheap and "good shotgun scope" don't really go together. You could get a Walmart set up and probably make it thru a couple seasons, but they just can't take the recoil. Nikon sells a good shotgun scope for about $120.
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    What kind of hunting do you do when gun hunting?

    Is your gun smoothbore of rifled? If rifled you should gain some downrange accuracy that you could benefit from with a scope. Smoothbore would be better suited to a red dot style scope in my mind.

    If your shots are all close, in the woods, quick, and maybe even at moving deer, you may be far better off looking at a reddot type scope with no or minimal magnification. These sighting aids do not offer the pinpoint POTENTIAL accuracy at longer yardages but are great for quick target acquisition

    If you are hunting a more open area, longer shots, more time to make the shot then a 4,6 or even a 3-9 power scope may better serves your needs