Scope Mount Question?

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  1. I have an 870 supermag and I'm looking to put a red dot on it for turkey hunting. My question is regarding mounts for these. I have seen the B-square type mounts but would rather have something that mounted to the barrel instead of the receiver since I have another barrel for waterfowl hunting. That way I don't have to remove the mount every time I change barrels. Anyone know if there is a mount that I can put on the rib of the barell?
  2. littleking

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    your best bet is going to be a saddle mount, but you'll still have to remove it every time that you change barrels

  3. Rednek

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    If you are dead set on having it on the barrel, have your local gunsmith silver solder on a cantilver mount on the the barrel. Will require to mill off part of the vent rib.