Scito Park Tonight

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  1. Headed out to Scito Park again tonight to throw some spinner baits from 5:30 till dark. If you're interested in joined me for some wading, send me a PM.

    I'll post a report on Friday Morning about water clarity, current, results, and what I caught, or if I see any Sewage/Terds/Used Rubbers LOL hahahaha.

    Should be helpful if you're going out this weekend to that area, it really is a great area near Town with great action to fish.

    Good luck to all
  2. crittergitter

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    Take a water bottle! :p

    Good luck to ya. :)


  3. NewbreedFishing

    NewbreedFishing High Speed Angling

    will let you know how i did....will be there @ 3:30

  4. thanks man.

  5. if you see an younger dude with spiky hair wading old school style in jeans, that's ME. Say What's up!!!!
  6. got out there around 5 pm fished till 8pm. Landed three smallies, one around 7 inches, and two near 12 inches. Caught a 4th smallie, looked a lot bigger, but when I went to lip it for the catch, it thrashed around, and came off my bait.

    Only thing I could catch them on was top water baits. Chartruese Top water spinner took the bigger two, rap. minnow took the smallest.

    spinner baits and b.power worms didn't do crap. I need some crank baits ASAP.

    As far as the water went, it was excellent. Around high 60 to low 70's. My legs never got cold. Clarity was also good. I could see the bottom in most spots, and the current was slow. Slow enough to use a top water bopper in most locations. This weekend, if it doesn't rain too much should be ideal conditions.
  7. hey benny careful, be respectful to the other folks reading and chatting. most dont care and i know how bad boat talk can get...... especially when you get and expensive crankbait snagged haha , but some could get offended, just a heads up for ya so you dont get in trouble, not trying to be difficult

    astericks ******* and ####### are excellent vowels!!!!!
  8. NewbreedFishing

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    Slow nite for me. Caught around 10 fish but they all were over 12"
    One was in the 17-18" range. I have been slow rolling a tandem willowleaf with undersized blades. I missed at least 6-8 fish while not concentrating. I got lazy and started thinking of dinner and left. May have missed the good bite??
    Way too many bozo's @ scioto park. I never even parked my truck
  9. REALLY??? I got there at 4:45, was like two moms with their kids in the playground and no people fishing. I pretty much had the whole stretch of scito park to myself till around 7 pm.