Scito Park is slammin' right now

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  1. Went to the Zoo today for work, got out around 10:30, had some time to kill. So I put on my old shoes, and went over to scito Park, which is a few miles from my office.

    Threw a chartruese spinner bait for about 30 minutes in any calm water I could find. Caught 3 smallies around 12-15 inches. All of them where nice sized fish, but they fought like wet logs.

    I highly recommend anyone getting out to the Scito. Fishing is really picking up. seems like it's smallie central.

    would have taken some pics, but I don't have a cell phone. I'm living in 1982 still.
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    This is the second post today describing good size fish from this area that did not fight as expected. You might want to consider that you are targeting spawning fish who are worn out from the stress of the spawn. You may not just be harming them, but also taking them away from beds that they are trying to protect from predators of their eggs.

    I'm not trying to be self-righteous, and I could easily be wrong in my theory. It's just something we all should be conscious of, even if we are fanatical about c & r. I'm guessing by your signature that you are not exactly a fanatic about c & r.

  3. actually. I might eat to fish, but I'm not retarded. Well. maybe only mildly retarded.

    If I catch a spawning or bedding fish and see that they doing that (rough tail/bottom) I always let them go. Today I was fishing just to fish, and released everything I caught. I was just milking my timesheet, getting paid to throw a spinner bait:p

    Can't say as much for the guy I ran into when I was leaving. He was taking six huge smallies home.

  4. oh no, not this discusssion again.... cant everybody just fish and get along! just fish, reagardless of eat or no eat, catch spawning bass or not. ha go over to alum creek this saturday and see if any of those 50-60 tourny boats hesitate to not catch any shallow spawning bass then tote them around in their live wells for 5-6 hours. and im not saying that n a negative way cause i would do the same in the tourny and i wouldve done the same as benny too! although i def wouldnt do the same as the guy eating smallies from the scioto! ;(-
  5. I hear ya!!! Maybe it's just me. But I ate a spawing large mouth a week or so back. Wasn't very good at all. Had a huge yellow sack in it. Don't know if that effects the way it taste or not. That's the main reason I threw my catches back.
  6. well i personally wouldnt go for that myself, but i def wouldnt hesitate to catch or even target them.
  7. If someone ate a smallie out of the Scioto, good luck to 'em. That fish will get its revenge sooner or later.
  8. there's nothing wrong with eating fish from the scito/griggs ect. I wouldn't eat fish from the scito back in 1984 when the treatment plant was still dumping in it. But that's been stopped for years now.
  9. You obviously aren't aware of the Columbus Zoo/WaterPark's "treatment plant" or lack there of.
    If someone saw the exotic animal poo that got washed directly into the Scioto and still eats fish out of it, then more power to them. As someone said, that fish will get the last laugh.

    And to Dan Shady's point, to compare spawning largemouth in Alum to spawning smallmouth in a flowing river is apples and oranges.
    The spawning success rate of a lentic largemouth versus a lotic smallie is exponentially higher.
  10. actually. my employer has done all the new renovations for the Columbus Zoo, including the new Asian Exhibit. I know all about the water treatment plant ect that the zoo uses. They do not dump any exotic animal waste, or waste water in the scito. That is ALL URBAN MYTH.
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    It's a poo fest during a downpour! You couldn't pay me to eat ANYTHING out of the scioto watershed and that includes my favoriate table fare, crappie. If you feel otherwise then have it. Eat as many as you like everyday. Ever heard the saying, "you are what you eat." Yikes!!!!

  12. I'm sure you guys wouldn't eat scito fish, but you'll eat Store bought fish that's been raised in Fish Farms?? Ever see those? They're 1/8 acre mud pits, filled to the bream with disgusting fish, for acres on end. Or even worse, you guys probably eat Gorden's Fishermen Fish. Frozen disgusting Fish stick fish. Cod, Frozen Talapia, the list goes on with all the gross fish people regularly eat. Not to mention how all our american cattle is treated, as well as pork, and chicken...

    YOU GUYS EAT KFC RIGHT? that right there is 1000 times more disgusting than eating any fish from the scito river.

    I've been eating fish from the scito area for 20 plus years. I'm still living, living well, and probably twice as sexy as all of you!!! :p

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    for the record, I don't eat KFC. I also don't eat beef for a number of reasons, mainly the connection between corn fed cows, and the way the animals are treated, and also because of health factors. For the record, I am NOT a PETA advocate, I think they are absolutely nuts.

    so not all of us eat all that stuff ;)

    I am not sure if I would eat fish out of the scioto though. I do eat fish out of Buckeye, which many people say is bad for ya too. *shrug*
  14. you can't win them all. I didn't even take any fish from the scito that day. ANother fisherman did. But I feel the brunt because I post on OGF.:confused:
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    maybe it was 'keep em all' that kept them all? ;) haha...

    don't feel bad, as long as you were keeping legal fish you shouldn't feel any remorse.
  16. Not attempting to stir the keep/no-keep smallie pot, it's just that I've fished the Scioto quite a bit off-and-on since I've been in Columbus and I've pulled more fish out of there with ulcers and deformities than other places. I once went with a friend, who moved here from Texas, to the Scioto and it was one of those bumper crop days where we both landed a lot of fish. He's a tough coot, but the look on his face as he tried to release fish with bulging eyeballs, distorted mouths and other "weird" looking things on the fish was something to behold. It wasn't every fish or every other fish, but it was enough for him to swear off ever eating a thing out of there. He was only keeping rockbass and crappie, but he dumped them all.

    I fish Hoover more than any other body of water and I've already caught well over 250 fish out of there this year and I've only caught 1 fish with an ulcer on its back. Subjective, you bet. But my money and health is on eating a fish out of Hoover over the waters of the Scioto. I love to fish the Scioto, but fish have nothing to fear from me. They will live to swim another day. It's a show and tell river to me. Just my opinion which, admittedly, isn't worth a cup of coffee.
  17. i hear yea spidey. I've never personally seen any damaged or deformed fish from the scito in all my years fishing there.. Just maybe a couple fish with spawning marks.

    if the fish isn't looking healthy, I don't take it. If it looks pale, it's cut, bleeding, has any growth on it, I don't touch it.
  18. i'm crying right now in my office cube.... :(

    :p :p :p :p ;)
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    Ya kinda remind me of the horse that's always last to the feed trough.


  20. You should be fine eating fish, even with deformities, out of the scioto. If you cook them thoroughly, it should kill any parasites found in the meat of the fish, and any pollutants found in the water, will just bring up the mercury levels found in the fish. So keep amount of consumption down, for example, one fish a week, if even that. This coming from a C & R fisherman. I believe in conservation of fisheries, but do not see the harm in people keeping fish within legal guidelines.