Scioto wade Report

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  1. Fished the stretch of the scioto between 161 and Glick Road last night. Got out around 5:30, started my routine of bouncing white twister tail jigs against the bottom in an ultra slow retrieve for eyes as two years ago I did great in this stretch, but had yet to return.

    Water was pretty stained, I couldn't see my bright white shoes in waist deep (3 foot) water. The current in spots just north of 161 was pretty fast, but still very fishable in the tail waters, yet fast enough to make me lose my footing twice. Shocking, no debris or twigs tripping my feet up on the bottom.

    As I got further north in the evening the current really died down. From 5:30 till 8 I hadn't managed much except for a skunk and three mosquito bites.

    From 8 pm till 9:15 I hit 5 Small mouth, 3 at 9-10 inches, two at 11-12 inches. 4 came on the white twister tails, 1 came on a glass perch HJ 8 during the pause in the jerk. The four caught with tails where all caught at 1-2 foot drops offs over top of rocks bringing the jig back for the surface climb. The biggest Smallie I caught less than 10 feet from my feet. All others hit the last half of my retieve as well. All fish but one jumped, always fun to catch.

    If the bottom was flat, I wasn't catching anything. Also managed to catch one rock bass. After that, I had to get home, the UFC had started, but I DVR'ed it. had a nice 45 minute down stream power walk though:p

    All fish were Catch, photo, release as I was fishing for saugeyes, not smallies. That's sometimes how the ball rolls.

    Here's some pics of the two biggest smallies and the rock bass.
    Here's the 12 incher:
    This one I thought it was a saugeye when it was in the water, had a strange skin pattern similar to an eye, and didn't jump. This one was right at 11.
    The rock bass. Thought it was a hog

    Also, first smallie was my 100th fish of the season.
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    topwaterdevil SMB and Saugeyes.

    My guess is smallmouth sometimes get a 'gamier' coloration when they have been down hiding in the rocks. I sometimes catch ones that have darker spots and bars toward on their sides.

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  4. Cool dude! Nothin better then fightin a good ole smallie......
  5. My son and I hit a stretch tonight for a couple hours, started at about 8.45 and fished until about 11, again throwing black jitterbugs, we caught numerous rockbass and smallies, my son caught the biggest smallie at about 15"(he remarked after we got him back in the water That felt good:p ) I said yeah I bet it did, the most consistant bite for me the last couple night is from about 9.15 or so until about 10.30 after that it slows down, not really sure why as in years past it has went on long after that, but it was another fun night out and Im tickled that my son got the big fish:)
  6. that's awesome Smallmouthcrazy. Nothing beats landing a hog, or putting someone on too a hog. My biggest of the night was awesome to catch. Wasn't that big, but I caught it ten feet from my legs, and it actually went thru my legs when I was reeling it in. Smallies are awesome to catch, good to hear some others got good action out there as well.
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    Nice fish. Dont wade the scioto much think i might have to start.
  8. thanks! scioto is nice if you can get into stretches that people normally don't fish. I entered at a public park, but didn't drop a lure till I was a good 30 minutes up stream.
  9. Smallmouth crazy were you using the smaller jitterbugs or the big 5/8 ouncer. I have caught a bunch of fish on both but can never decide which one is best for river fishing. Also if you don't mind sharing some advice do you do best casting upstream, downstream, or across the current. Thanks
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    yeah, there is nothing like stream/creek fishing. I like to get way out in the country where other people don't fish. To me, there is nothing like it. It's awesome to see all kinds of wildlife and not be bothered by other people. Even if I don't catch any fish, I still have a great time being outdoors. I was fishing whetstone two weeks ago and the bald eagle flew right over me!! Then this Saturday my buddy and I went and two racoons came down to the water and were swimming around, and then they saw us and took off. And also, those smallies fight hard. This is my first year fishing for smallies and I have to say that I'm addicted already. What a powerful fish and quite a challenge to catch. Have fun guys!!
  11. I use mainly 3/8oz, and I usually cast across the current but by the end of the cast it floats downstream of me, sometimes I will throw upstream of where I really want the lure to be that way by the time I start the retrieve and the lure starts to move its in the area that looks good or where I have got fish before.
  12. They do "camoflage" with vertical barring more in rocks, and additionally they show more vertical barring when they are excited and/or confined.
  13. that's a HOG, and that Smallies looks excited. lol. Thanks for the info A-Man
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    Nice fish there Andy. Now, ya got me wonderin who has a yellow SOT? Or is that one of them mid-atlantic fishes?

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    Me and a couple buddies fished the scioto below griggs on Sat.and down about 3/4 mile and caught quite a few fish. The biggest smallie was about 15inchs and also caught 2 saugeye and alot of hog rock bass. It was a good few hours of fishing. I haven't waded like that in a long time and it was alot of fun. I plan to do more soon.
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    I fished a local flow this weekend with a buddy, he got one, I landed a couple dozen Sm, biggest 19.5" and 4 over 15", havent broke the 20" yet.
  17. Secret.
    Here's another "excited" fish. I love the coloring on this one:

    Oh and Stucky, I heard you hit that 19.5"er. How did you like that stretch?:B LOL!! It's rapidly becoming my favorite one. If there's a reason to go somewhere else, I don't know it.
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    That one is a purty fish. That dude sure has some tiny, tiny hands though.
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    Those are some beautiful fish!!! Now I just need to figure out how to catch them. I need to find some hot spots. :)
  20. Very Cool Pics!! Hopefully no rain today or tomorrow, stuck in meetings but will be done by 2:00 on Wed and I am ready to put my waders on.