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  1. New to the forum. Past 3 weeks I have going down to the Scioto at Scioto Park and have had a blast. Caught some nice small mouth, rockbass, I even caught my first saugeye! I went out and bought some wadders but as the weather has been raining a lot lately was wondering how long does it take the water levels to go down? Also how much does water visibility play a part in how the fish bite when river fishting? I moved here 3 years ago from Arizona and finally one day said what the heck and went down to the river and fish it. All I can say is that it is great! I can't wait till the water slows down and I can wade it.
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    good thing you bought waders! I heard wading without them in the scioto is a good way to slowly melt your skin!

    I don't know how long it takes the water levels to go down.

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    Water should be back down in 4 or 5 days, I prefer the water to be more green colored but i have done well when it was stained, chocolate milk i do not fish it. I have waded down there since 85 and my skin is still intact. Just dont drink the water and never eat the bass. good luck
  4. Thanks for the reply. I am a catch and release guy so won't eat them. I have read other threads and it seems that the water quality of the Scioto is a hot topic being safe or if you can eat fish out of it. Why is that. Thanks
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    Everyone likes to put in there 2 cents i spose, i would go with the odnr suggestion.I do not think there is a warning on saugeye or crappie for the scioto. Catfish maybe ,if not, i still wouldnt eat them.Im sure someone else will give a more technical answer.
  6. last time I checked the ohio epa website. Catfish had the only limit. One meal per month, not due to the water, but do to fertilizer run off, and other chemical run off due to the amount of residential areas built up above the scioto and griggs.

    Everything else was one meal per week, due to MERCURY.

    I just ate a catfish, a largemouth I caught from griggs. Two crappie from delaware/alum and one smallie from scioto park tonight for dinner. I'm still breathing and the fish was DELICIOUS
  7. and Atrain. Welcome to OGF. I'm a newbie myself. I can honestly say since I joined OGF, I've had one of the best fishing seasons that I can remember.

    I fish scioto park on the reg. If it rains anymore this week, it'll be unfishable.

    when the water is high/chocolate milk like, the only thing that works is slow moving baits for me. Like a berkley power worm, or jig and pig. Usually bright colors work best.

    when it's clear, I throw anything silver. spinner baits work great for me in clear water conditions at scioto park. If you find any slow moving pools, throw a top water bopper in there. I've caught my biggest SMallies with top water boppers at SP. but that only happens when it hasn't rained for a week or two.
  8. Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. Think I will head out tonight and see what is biting!
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    *G* while you're there, admire the cell tower disguised as a pine tree
  10. Water quality on the Scioto is indeed, not good. But the fishing can be.
    Get you walking boots out and get further upstream.....the fishing gets better.
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    Does anyone fish in scioto up by Delaware by route 36?
    I'm looking for some new fishing spots and wanted to know if anyone fishes up that way. Can you wade up there or is it too deep? I see guys fishing off Klondike road, anyone fish that? any help would be appreciated.

    thanks in adance.

  12. How far up stream. So go in at the park and keep going up?

    Just got back from Kellys island went with my wife and took my poles. Got the rock jetty by the beach and I saw about 7 snakes off to my left. Scared me, and needless to say my wife freaked out and thus my fishing lake Erie ended there.
  13. I can tell you that the Scioto, even more so than the average river, fishes better the further you get away from the popular access points. The park is a very popular access point. The less beer cans and trash you see, the better the fishing gets.

    If you want some more detailed info on some of the less traveled spots or on what to throw, PM me and I'll be happy to point you in the right direction.
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    Oh man, can I use that quote?
  15. LOL!!

    For the record, we organize a river clean-up on that section of the Scioto every summer. We'll get 50+ people on a good year banging the banks with trash bags and float a bunch in canoes to collect the bags and bigger stuff like tires, washers, dryers, orange barrels......the usual.

    It's turned into a great event and now the City of Dublin participates and has an artists' gallery with paintings of the river, etc....

    I'll post the details when I get them if anyone is interested.
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    Yeah we do a lot of river cleanups but they've always been downtown along North Bank and Greenlawn, with a few around Griggs. I talked to some of your people under the Emerald Parkway bridge during that event last year.

    But this is off-topic for this thread.
  17. This one is called the Mike Utt Memorial Cleanup (former and late President of the Ohio Smallmouth Alliance) and it's usually held in mid August. Cool event.

    Like you said, off topic.

    Back to on topic, it's funny how different people see things differently. My experience has been almost completely opposite of BennySaugeye in a few ways.
    Those smallies do love a white spinnerbait, but they love it even more in higher water, which means murkier water. My best fishing has always been in much higher water levels than the traditional mid summer pool levels. Fish are "where they are supposed to be" if you know what I mean. Seams, behind mid river boulders, below islands, etc are the ticket...
    I say don't let the muddy water deter you for a minute. The visibility in that river sucks arse 95% of the year; it's always at least stained at the very best. The smallies have adjusted and they could care less if the water is stained up the way it is right now.
    And you just got to get out of that Scioto Park. There's much, much better habitat in some very nearby stretches. The park is just so featureless, shallow, etc..
    I've lived within 2 miles of that park for over 10 years and I fish the Scioto pretty regularly. Other than using the park for some shuttling, I think I've only gone to the park to fish maybe twice.
    And the long slow moving pools are much better suited for carp than smallies in my opinion. They'll be in there from time to time, but it's very hit and miss. Find the faster water and you'll start figuring it out.

    Good luck. Hit me up and I can take you around to 4 or 5 tastier spots or send you some more detailed info.. And if you don't mind driving another 20 miles.....oh my, you aint seen nothing yet!!!:B
  18. Thanks Andyman. I will PM you. Have been out of town all this past week for work.