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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Smallmouth Crazy, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. Went for a little surface action tonight, fished from about 9.30-12.30 with OK results, probably caught 12-15 SM nothing huge most going between 10-12", couple rockbass thrown in(wouldnt be a SM trip without rockbass;) ) fish were all caught on a 5/8oz black jitterbug, most of my action was between about 10.15-11.00, also caught most of my fish throwing towards the east bank, jumped a few carp, when your in the middle of the river and they bolt only 3ft away from you in the black of night its hard to say who is scared the most when its over:D
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    Nice Man! Can't beat that surprise night bite!

  3. I went over strictly for the topwater, there has been times needless to say when the topwater wasnt happening, thats when you switch to a crank or a grub and hope that does the trick, on these steamy midsummer days topwater at night can be fun, forgot to mention that the water seemed very low, I hate to say it but I think we need a solid rain that pushes that river out of its banks, it will screw the fishing for a few days sure, but it will help us more in the long run I believe.
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    I agree, flow is unbelievable low, blacklick is barely a trickle, we need a solid day of rain( or two) I think the water table is lower too, it will take a few hard days of rain to get it even close to right.