Scioto snowmelt at Prospect

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    I was cruising around Delaware County yesterday, there is a lot of melting and ponding and the streams are bank-full. The Scioto is due to be half a foot over flood at La Rue so I looked up the Prospect gauge and set it for a 3-day lookback.

    OTOH Delaware is still well below normal pool height, I was poking around the wildlife area roads along Whetstone Creek and there's a lot of exposed stony shoreline, it looks like the lake is maybe 5 feet below normal.
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    i live in prospect and as of 2 today all of the water above the spillway was still frozen, hasn't even started to chunk up yet, that gauge is about 2.5 miles below the dam and it is saying that it is starting to pick up a little, i'll go bye there on my way home tonight to see how it looks

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    Oshay is rolling @ 4000fps, which is quite a good tick. Ice around the edges of griggs is already gone...Hoping all of it will be gone the end of this warmfront, but I doubt it:(