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Friday morning we had steady action from Carp & Smallmouth Buffalo in the 4 - 12 pound range with a few FO qualifying sized Carp.
The current fluctuated all day made keeping our baits pinned to the bottom a constant chore in line management.
Saturday I had the pleasure of hosting 2 new Lady Carp Anglers & the Fish did not disappoint ..and we were into the fish within 15 minutes of arrival. Both of the ladies caught a few Gold bars and rounded out the trip with a screaming run from a single pale Buffalo.
Sunday I had the River to myself & tried fishing some Nash brand tangerine flavored boilies & as expected caught 3 average sized Channel Cat & 2 small Carp in less than an hour before sunrise. As the sun got higher it developed into a Buffalo bite.

As always all fish are catch photo release with flavored sweet corn being the bait of choice.


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