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  1. Well I guess its official, I am now a central ohio resident. I have lived in grove city for a year and a half now and driven over the scioto river at 665 a million times. So my wife and I decided to make the trek tonight and try our luck at river fishing. We caught 3 fish, two saugeyes (her) and one white bass (me). I also lost what looked like a pike or something else huge. all in all a good night and now I know there is somewhere within 5 minutes of my house I can go catch some fish. :)
  2. wow after a year and a half it took you that long to check out that water...scioto river is muddy, polluted, and full of debris and snags...and maybe some bodies or some kind of criminal evidence at times...but it has fish..all kinds of species and lot of them. but once again, down there where you can park to get to the water, you have to look out for the shiftys! ;(

  3. that could be why it took so long. My wife asked if we were going to keep the fish that we caught, she said that right as a half empty coffee cup floated by. My next adventure will be Darby.
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    Those half empty coffee cups are poison. Good thing you didn't eat the fish!
  5. On second thought I think I'll cook some up, why don't you come over for dinner. :)