scioto river river cats ...above oshay dam...

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  1. been getting skunked a few times above the oshay dam lately...

    ive been launching out off the home rd marina lately around 10pm and fishing a few hours at diff depths...using chicken breasts 2 times and gills once....and havent had any bites...

    ....ive been shorefishing for cats for years below the scioto and always catch a ton, but when i go out on a boat above the dam i do horrible for cats...

    im going out tonight at 10 and im going to find some tree structure in the water..and anchor up in 7-12 ft of water.. maybe get some live chubs, bluegills, and what not for thinking more cut baits because i dont usually do as good with live when it comes to channels...obviously the big channels prolly before live, but just want to catch some fish.

    basically looking for some input and advice to try out.
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  3. striperfreak

    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    yes,shad use shad, or chicken liver not breasts. Rest of the plan sounds good. If i were to go i would head past bellpoint.
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    striperfreak stripes and smallies

    Maybe fish in area where there is current
  5. Have you ever tried uncooked schrimp. I do very well with it at Buckeye. You can get it at Alde's for about $3 or $4 a bag. Fish it on a lighted bober.
  6. thanks guy....what about depths.? i said im thinking some structure where i can anchor 7-12ft ish....because thats where im guessing theyre ...what do you guys think depth wise?
  7. yes ive tried uncooked shrimp...actually ive done quite well in the gonna try out that, shad, and some live bluegills.

    ill report back
  8. I was on the river tonight and struck out with cut shad, did a little better with liver, water seems to be up a foot or two from lastnight.
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    340RT 340RT

    Always did good at oshay for cats.Except 7-5-08 ,skunked.I usually use shrimp and night crawlers.Fish from shore.North of home road.