Scioto River and the storm last night

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  1. Headed out for an all nighter, weatherman says 30% chance of biggie....maybe a scattered thunderstorm. We (2 of us) took the boat down river about 2 miles to a decent bar with deep water close, around 8pm we started to fish. Right off the bat I get a decent 10lb flattie. Than about 30 min later another 6 lber. Nothing untill about 3am when a Huge storm hit and I'm in the middle of no where with trees falling all around me...was a bit scary at first, but I got use to it. The hard rain lasted from 3am-7am when I finally went home. Oh by the way, not another fish after the first two. Fishing was real s-l-o-o-o-o-w after the first hour. Suprised me with the rain and such, thought they would turn on a little more. Oh well! :)
  2. Yea.In my experiences I don't listen to the weatherman anymore.He has failed me numerous times.I just pay attention to the water level forecasts

  3. Must be pretty hardcore to have been out in those storms, it got pretty rowdy around here at about 3AM.
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    Just like Joey said, listening to the weatherman seems to be a waste of time. Each time I have looked up the weather for wind info and such, it has NOT been accurate when I get to the lake!