Scioto report 8-22

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    Put the flatbottom in at chillicothe and headed few miles south.Set up on a nice bank spot (outside bend,lots of timber,13 ft. of water w/ nice flat adjacent to it)for the evening.We had live bluegill,cut bluegill,live creek chubs,dead chubs,liver,cut fresh shad,and even stinkbait.Caught 4 channels (GGGRRRRRR NO FLATTIES)in buddy caught the ONLY nice fish of the evening.13.14 lbs on the scale it took a cut chub,very nice big headed dark male channel,the other 3 also took both live and cut chub but were in the 2-3 lb class and I caught a small striper on cut shad.River was very low,did a lot of boat dragging and the gar were workin the baits hard.Not such a great night but the weather was awesome and it was nice to fish w my brother and my buddy nonetheless.WE NEED SOME GOOOOOOD RAIN!!!!