scioto report 8-17

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Aug 19, 2008.

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    i took the wife out to fish the river sunday and we actually did pretty well she caught several smallies and aslo managed a nice northern which went about 34'' i caught a 15" crappie to 6-7 lb channels and i managed two northerns at about 30'' each all caught on live bait fishing shallows adjacent to deep hole where all caught in morning. water was pretty stained and i'm not sure why. my wifes pike was her biggest so far and mine where the biggest for me this year and also the crappie was the best this year hopefully be getting back out soon
  2. sweet! well to love toothy critters ;)

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    I wasnt aware that the Scioto had Pike. Does anyone know if they are present up near Columbus?

    15" crappie, 6-7 lb channel, 3 Northerns? Do you fish with crack?
  4. maybe you don't know who the fishintechnician is. He's 100% Legit, and basically the Bill Dance of Northern Central Ohio. Dude lands more hog fish and catches more fish than anyone I know. I've seen the pictures to back up the claims, plus I've experienced it first hand in person.

    BTW Symba, head NORTH of columbus, they're up there, some where!

    Anson, when you taking me up there to land some Northerns??? I'm dying down here!!!!!! Niiiiicccceeee report!
  5. second that!! He knows the scioto north catches fish anytime!! Good job was out in evening and landed 3 nice smallies and a toothy as well in one hole all the time i had!!:) River has been awesome all summer!!
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    i'll second that slim in fact i haven't been to alum or delaware since april all my time has been on the river. was a little tuff when we where getting pounded with all of the rain but other than that it has been on fire. really looking forward to when the water starts to cool off then it will just be

    symba no i don't fish with crack thought about it but then we would just have a bunch of junkie fish swimming around trying to get their fix and before you know it we got fish pimpin other fish just to get some crack money. thats no good man

    billy i tried to get you to come out with me last weekend but you had to go out of town with your old lady. lol don't worry about it it is still pretty early for the pike to start biting good once we get to the time when we wake up to frosty lawns the bite will be in full swing. oh and you might want to get some steel leaders if you plan on heading up and a good long pair of needle nose. the last one i caught laid in to me because all i had with me were my forceps and he didn't like that i ended up with about a 2 in gash on my right thumb. pike teeth make eye tooth look tame
  7. the ol ball and chain, always holding me down

    you know where i'm at, send me a pm when you're headed out next week