Scioto Park

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  1. Waded the Scioto River at Scioto Park Saturday afternoon. Caught 9 smallies and 2 rock bass on a 1/8 oz black rooster tail. Switched to a white twistertail jig and hooked some big ugly sucker fish (not a carp... not sure what it was). All in all a great first day out.

    Decided to go back tonight for about an hour and a half. Caught 4 rock bass and 2 smallies right around dusk all on a 1/4 oz white rooster tail. The last rock bass was a big fattie... about 9 inches.

    First two days out this season and a total of 17 fish! I'm sure it will all be downhill from here...
  2. Almost went there Sunday morning but ended up below Griggs. Two of the first three casts produced nice smallies and then the winds begain to pick up from the North. Only two more smallies in the next two hours.
    Scioto Park does produce some very nice rock bass but most of the smallies I catch there seem to be on the small side. Were yours decent size?

  3. ive tried scioto park several times w/ no luck... ive always used an ultralight set up, but nothing seems to bite. the only thing i ever see there are a ton of snakes, which is about everytime im there.....small black snakes w/ a yellow stripe goin down the side.
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    This picture came from Scioto park (back when they still had the deck). People were feeding these geese so they weren't shy. I was wading with the digital camera, and I held it down almost to the water level for this shot - so you are looking up to a goose's eye level.

  5. Those might be garter snakes you are encountering. Used to catch those when I was a kid. They usually don't mess with you, but they can startle you quite a bit if you step on one. Which I did to the amusement of my father on a couple of occasions. Hard to live down screaming like a girl when that old, weathered rope you step on suddenly comes to life.
  6. Fished it this morning eventhough I knew the water was up. Not a good day for hip waders. Anyway, caught four nice smallies but the unusual part was none of them jumped when I was bringing them in. They acted more like rock bass than smallies.
  7. Most of my smallies were small. I had one decent sized one (13-14 inches) that I lost right when I was taking it out of the water. (Still counts in my book!) :) Just bought some new breathable waders this past weekend. If it would just stop raining and let the river drop a little, I'd be set.