Scioto July 13th

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  1. Waded the Scioto on from about 3:30 to 5:30. Water was still high but visibility was good to my surprise. Caught 2 nice saugeyes one was about 16 inches the other around 14. Caught one smallie about 13 inches and one largemouth bass around 12 inches. Caught them on an oragne rooster tail in deep pools. Used my ultra light and was great fun. All where released to fight another day.
  2. May I ask where you guys go in at Scioto? I have been going way south and the wading is tough, too deep.

    Is there a good parking area?

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  3. dublin area has sweet wading...ive been wading the waters for years.

    i suggest these places to wade....donegal cliffs and amberleigh...
    a good 2 miles north or south to wade

    water was running faster and higher then ive ever seen it this time of yEAR yesterday, but was still completely safe to wade.

    if you start at those points you can catch a ton of smallmouth, rock bass, and tons of channels in deep pools..dont catch many saugeye in these areas, but some.

    theres some islands with trapped water on them...very shallow like 6 inches deep with rocks...ill grab about 100 crawdads and have bait for the day.
    i just freeline ...if you do this theres no reason that a novice cant catch 20 smallies in less then a hour.
  4. also captain walleye in these areas the wading is less then 3 feet....

    report back if you go