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scioto clean up ?

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by fishintechnician, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. fishintechnician

    fishintechnician Amateur legend

    i live on the scioto river in prospect. it's a small town between marion and delaware. the amount of trash on the banks and actually in the river are sickening. i've seen some spots were it looks as if someone brought a trailer or pickup truck load of stuff in and just dumped it. the sad thing is this used to be a really productive area for a multitude of fish now your luck to catch anything with any size to it, and even if you could it is so bad i wouldn't want to go out there. there are some good things about it though there is a spillway there so the water level north of that stays pretty much stable all year round and there are plenty of areas to fish from so you don't have to be fishing on top of one another. the only way i fish it anymore is by canoe were i can get to some of the more remote areas that aren't full of other peoples trash. btu back to my point. i would like to start some kind of clean up effort to get things back to the way it used to be. but i'm not sure were to start there are no angling clubs around that area that i know of. will the odnr help organize something like this. what i would really like to do is get all the trash and debre out of the river and off the banks and improve some of the existing spots, cut limbs, cear the banks and add gravel to the pulloffs. maybe if someone takes the initially effort then everyone else will do ther part to help out to. any advice would be great.;)
  2. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler


  3. Critter's right.
    Here's a link on another site for a Scioto River Clean up that is happening THIS weekend.

    As far as a clean up in your area, all you gotta do is lead the charge. I've never heard a TOSA (The Ohio Smallmouth Alliance) member say no when someone asked if they could organize a clean up on a river.

    When we used to do the Scioto clean up, we'd get a group of high schoolers to help out. Many of the high schools around here require their graduating seniors to have a certain amount of volunteering hours.
    What you do is get a local canoe livery to donate some canoes for the day. Then get a group of high schoolers (cheerleaders, baseball teams....) to get some of their volunteer credit by floating down a river with their buddies, picking up a little trash.
    Everybody ends up getting something out of it and its an absolute blast. Canoers have fun and get their volunteer credit, river gets cleaned up, and people rediscover canoeing with their families and the livery gets more repeat business because of it.

    If you really want more info on it and really want to donate some serious time, email me and I'll get you all the info you need.
  4. pjreeb

    pjreeb Prospect

    i would be interested in helping out. I also live in Prospect and always thought that we needed to do something about the poor river condition. You can e-mail me at or
  5. fishintechnician

    fishintechnician Amateur legend

    thanks for the advice. i probably won't be able to organize any thing for this year but i would definetly like to try to get something going next spring. maybe around may. this will give me a little more time to research and arrange some volunters. i was also thinking about getting a hold of someone to see if this could be added to a list of options for people who have to do community service (court ordered or otherwise) but don't know who to contact any advice?
  6. crittergitter

    crittergitter Multi Species Angler

    You might try some local boy scout troops in the Marion or Delaware area. That would be a good project/community service for them to get involved in.

  7. If you show up to the Scioto clean up this Saturday, I'll give you all the information you'll ever need to get your own organized.

    The Ohio Smallmouth Alliance, or many groups similar in mission, is really what you need behind you. Get involved in the organization of your choice and take it from there.
    It's just much easier to get 40-50 canoes together, trash bags, gloves, refreshments, volunteers, etc... when you have an organization with some contacts and political pull behind you....and corporations LOVE to donate employee time, money or resources to these kinds of events.
    You just need an organization that knows how to leverage these things.