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Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Welsh Dragon, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Welsh Dragon

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    Waded a new section of the Scioto for me this morning. I threw everything I had at them including topwater lures (buzzbaits and skitter pops), rooster tails, and wee crawls. I had very little luck catching only 1 very weird and sick looking sunfish and a small SM.

    The water was very still and at times almost seemed like it was flowing north. There were fish jumping all around me and the visability was good. Two guys with fly rods were catching decent to small SM left and right, but I couldn't even get a decent bite. I saw another guy throwing what looked like similar lures at them, with no luck.

    That's my report. Due to the flys catching some fish, what should I have switched to so I could join in the fun? I thought for sure my topwater lures would have done the job, but I had little action on them. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. RareVos

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    If it is really clear, I stay away from blades. I might throw a smaller plastic craw on a light shaky type jighead. Or maybe a 4" or smaller plastic worm either t-rigged or wacky rigged. I was fishing a new-to-me stretch of the Scioto yesterday and found very poor visibility. I found fish with a 1/8oz spinnerbait with a tiny single colorado blade. I removed the skirt and put a smoke colored grub on.

  3. yep cant go wrong with with any type craw or worm t rigged, you WILL catch fish. zoom, yum, warrior, or bps soft plastics will reap you rewards of bass in the creeks!
  4. that river can be tricky due to fishing pressure. Ive had my best luck early early in the am. around 4-5 am till around 9. between 10am-6pm I havent had much luck with smallmouth. From 7pm till dark, things should pick up. I also vouch for soft plastics. I cant fish without them. just my two cents
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    Thanks for the info guys. I ddin't know if there is something I should throw on top that would be similar to what the flys were throwing since I knew the topwater bite was on.
  6. The fly fishermen weren't necessarily throwing top water. They could have been tossing nymphs or streamers as well.
  7. striperfreak

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    Welsh, i did well on saturday on the scioto, with skitter pop, worked very slow, they would hit it after a 10 second pause.