scioto 10/09 thursday eve smallies

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  1. hit up the scioto thursday eve from 330p-700p with reelmanly chuck....bright sun and blue skies is how we started our day and was pretty slow. after throwing an assortment of baits including some topwater plugs, tubes, worms, cranks, and buzzers and awaiting the sun to fall some, we only landed a few fish, but then we had a little bit of fun in the last hour and a half, as we slammed a few smallies that salvaged the trip in which we landed maybe a total of 8-9 fish and missed just as many!
  2. Nice fish...neat little boat you have there.

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    Good lookin smallies!
  4. yep, coleman crawdad, love it, light, durable, stable, roomy...gonna keep that thing till it sinks one day! lord knows i run it into enough rocks
  5. good looking smallies was nice evening to be out even though conditions were tuff for fishing. Great job!! Got a few nice Saugeyes at Indian this afternoon was tuff over there as well.
  6. ok help me out where u guys cathing these at and on what dont worry i release so there will be plenty next time u go back. i have been launching from the long street ramp and going up the olantangy, down the scioto all the way downtown, clear back up by 670 please help
  7. i have a feeling all weekend will be pretty tough except for early am and late pm, blue skies and warming temps will def not help set off the fall bite.
  8. you are fishing that downtown pool on the scioto, i would stay out of the olentangy, there are only a few times there are fish in there and mostly small ones...hit up the scioto side, in the summer stay in the south end of that pool in the deeper water and fish the bridges and rocks with weeds. right now going up in the scioto might be a lil better, they are everywhere up in there, just fish the rocks, the best advice to catch the most would be to throw a rooster tail, if your looking for bigger fish throw a spinner bait or some kind of crankbait that mostly resembles a shad.
  9. thanks danshady, by the way do u ever hit ur local ponds in gc me and a buddy have caught sum nice ones including a 5 pounder out of murffin just sum help back from a past grovetuckyn