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School extrication demo

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Big Trucks Rule, May 5, 2004.

  1. Big Trucks Rule

    Big Trucks Rule Jr. Firefighter

    As part of our prom week a couple of the Explorers on Chippewa Twp. FD in Doylestown, ohio, we decided to put on a mock crash. As part of the Demo we had a total of 4 people. 1 was drunk driver, 2 were trapped in the car, and 1 that got tossed out of the car and was killed. On tuesday at 1025 our principal announced that there had been a car crash in front of the school as the kids were comming out of the school 2 cop cars, 2 squads, and our heavy rescue came to the scene and treated it like it was a normal accident scene. They cut the car to get the people out and treated them like they were actually injured. to view more pictures visit

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    I'm a news phtographer at WKYC TV 3 and I work in Akron. We do the news on TV23 as well. Anyway, I wish you would have called us and let us know. We could have done a nice news story on the mock crash and how it's an important tool in bringing the reality of drunk driving to teens during prom season. I've covered dozens of them in my years there and they're very visual, interesting, and a great POSITIVE story to show the lengths you guys will go to trying to prevent tragedies.

    We're in the phone book! But, and I open this to all the folks here, if you have a story idea, CALL ME!!!!!!! Or fax me, or email me. Doesn't even have to be fishing related! From Solon/Twinsburg East to Cortland/Warren South to Urichsville/Dennison West to Mansfield/Homerville and everywhere in between. If it's a great story, I'll do my best to get it covered.

    Carl Bachtel
    fax 330-535-4835

    Not enough positive stories on the news, and a big reason is because we don't hear about them. Call me next time, buddy.


  3. fishinchick

    fishinchick The 'Chick!!!!

    Galion school did that a few weeks ago. They told the students but there was nothing in the paper that it would be happening. So.... that day (which also happened to be the Columbine anniversary!) I heard lifeflight flying over and all these sirens. I looked out to see what lifeflight was doing, and of course guess where it was landing? At the high school!!!! Talk about a slight panic attack! I called my mom who called my sister-in-laws to tell them to check on their kids, and it turned out to be their mock disaster. I'm glad it was, but man.... what a way to send someone into a panic real quick! :eek: :D
  4. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    I had to take my mother-in-law to Burlington ,KY yesterday to pick up her car which had been stolen & recovered. In the police impound lot there was about 5 vehicles which had had fatalities. I wish I had took my camera with me. Some looked more like scrap metal than autos. On one the steering wheel was indented & the officer told me that's where the driver's hands were. He said they also had a van that was gone now, but 8 college girls died in it. Lost control-hydroplaned in the rain, and skidded in front of a semi & was T-boned. He told me a girl in the back seat had her legs cut off from the seat belt they were hit so hard. Her torso was in the front, legs in the back. Had me tearing up......I bet if they would haul those wrecks around to high schools & even just leave a few parked at the BMV where you get your license it would make people think twice about reckless operation of a motor vehicle. These cars & trucks reminded me of the pictures you see of airline crashes. That was just one small county in KY too.
  5. mrfishohio

    mrfishohio Recovering Fishaholic

    It's one thing to see a picture or a quick news story, but when you see the actual vehicle, and realise it was that person's last ride, it has an impact.
  6. Fishman

    Fishman Catch bait???

    I think its great that communitys put these together. Its important for those kids out there to know to be safe drivers, wear your seat belt and to always drive sober.

    I'm living proof that when accidents happen, a seat belt can save your live.