Schmidts ramp info?

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  1. Is the dock in place at Schmidts ramp yet? If not when do they put it in?
  2. I was there about a week ago and the dock was out but the river was covering half the lower lot. IMG_20170404_101346927.jpg From what I've seen it comes and goes depending on the river forecast.
    Good luck and Good Fishing ?

  3. Still no dock and a little debris on the ramp but not much. River looks great and got to watch a deer swim the river and proceed to run all around the lots and park, pretty cool !

    IMG_20170418_082745.jpg IMG_20170418_082521013.jpg IMG_20170418_082630.jpg Good luck and Good Fishing !
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  4. that was cool to see that Doe running around. We have them showing up in my back yard about every evening.
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  5. Dock was in saturday
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