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    Anybody use scents? If so, when and on what bait/lures? I've been reading about some on, etc, but I'm a little confused by all the options. Any suggestions?
  2. I love to use scents on everything I can, especially the slow movers. It masked our smells, oils, smoke, pheremones, or any other unnatural odor of a particular lure. It also helps lures move through cover better, providing a lubricant as it touches stuff. I use megastrike on plastics and love it, but I use Bang on jigs and spinnerbaits. I love the smell of the megastrike but really don't like the smell of the bang. I can't say that they cause fish to bite, but they definitely don't hurt as I've caught bass immediately after applying my scents to my bait...just my .02

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    I generally use some Yum! Minnow or Crawdad scents if the Crappie aren't hitting. For some reason, I don't use scents much when bass fishing.

    I don't know how much they help, but I do know that I have ended several 1+ hour dry-spells of Crappie by applying 2 sprays to my Chart. Roadrunner/White 1" twister tail. If nothing else it at least makes me feel like I have a better chance to catch something... and that goes a long way.