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    I am pretty new to deer hunting this season. Did a little last season but am serious this season :) What do you guys do for scent control? Specifically those who drive somewhere to hunt.

    Here is my thinking....I totally wash my clothes and everything is scent free, then I get in my car and drive out to public land for the hunt. How do I keep any scent from the car from getting on me? Also, my deer stand is in the garage with the cars and lawn mowers and such. Won't it have a negative smell?

    I have read articles and right now I am flustered because these articles make it sound like if you don't parachute down into your deer stand from the air the deer will smell you and get spooked. Am I overracting?

  2. I do it this way.

    I wash all my clothes in scent away soap or similar. I then put them in a rubbermaid or similar tote with a lid to keep them "Pure". Do not dress until at the woods ready to hunt. If hunting in the morning and hunting again the same afternoon, put them back in the tote until afternoon hunt, and after redressing for the afternoon, spray down with scent killer or similar.

    I rewash all clothes after every hunting day.

  3. I wash all of my clothes in scent free soap and also store them in totes, outside covered with a tarp. I wear my hunting clothes in the vehicle and have not noticed and problems with that. Last year I tried something new that at first sounded a little goofy but worked very well. It is called a scent smoker. Basicly its a bee smoker on steroids. When I am done taking my scentfree shower I smoke my body and clothes as I put them on. The only downside is keeping all the neighborhood hotties from sneaking around and watching me:p

    I had more than a few deer come in from downwind last year that I KNOW smelled me. In fact I rattled in a smaller buck and when he crossed my scent trail he followed the smell and was licking the brush. I think in most areas the deer become used to the smell of smoke in the fall and it does not alarm them. I know it sounds crazy and I waited untill my buddies tried it before I would. I'll be using it agian this year.

    As far as tree stand storage I keep them outside year round. When I did not have the option of storing them outside all year I would move them out of the garage at least a month before the season.
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    I do the same thing as Papascott, and I keep my stands in a room here in the house where all of the rest of my hunting gear is kept, and I am carefull not to let the wife in that room with any household cleaners or air freshning sprays.;) I'll put get my climber and ground blind out tomorrow, spray them down with scent killer, and leave them outside for the season covered when I'm not hunting. I also spray everything down including my bow right before a hunt.:) I want to try that Scent Smoker, but I know that I couldn't stand the smell of that smoke being on me.:rolleyes:
  5. The smoke smell takes some getting used to, thats for sure. It really nseems to work. If I have a bad expirence with it I'll switch to my old methods.
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    You guys don't think getting in the car ruins the scent free prep of a shower? Also, throwing the climber in the trunk of the car?

    Again, I may just be over-analyzing all of this.
  7. I do the same thing as these guys. I keep my tree stand in the basement and spray it down with scent killer before I head into the woods. The clothes are in a tote and sprayed down before and after hunting. I have never really worried about scent control, though I try my best to eliminate it when ever I can. I just select my stands from the direction the wind is blowing.

    I guess what I am trying to say is try your best to eliminate scent, but really I don't think it is possible to be totally scentless.
  8. after i wash all my clothes i put them in trash bags with dry dead leaves just make sure you shake em out a little to get em off. and leave treestands and clothes and that outside all season. im to cheap to buy the scent free clothes soap so i just use arm and hammer baking soda stuff to wash my clothes in it works great. when i get outta my truck and start gettin my stuff ready to walk into my spot i make sure i turn the truck off cuz the exhaust will jack up your sent control. and i make sure i use the carbon blast. or the white lightning in my opinion i think those are the best scent things there are.
  9. Ditto. I know that like Swantucky, I was skeptical, but not dismissive. I don't have the big bucks to throw down on Scent lok and all that shizz. And I didn't want to spend money on a gimmick either. After a few of my buddies started coming out with success stories, I decided to do some trial runs by making fires in coffee cans to smoke myself up before going into the field. Needless to say, it worked. The thing about the ScentSmoker is that it makes the whole process easier, and it puts out a TON of smoke. Now I don't have to buy any sprays ever again, and any time I run out of wood chips, all I have to do is pay a visit to the woodpile.

    Here, go here for a little more info.

    And no, I don't sell or profit in any way, and have only met the guy who sells em once (he's a good guy, btw) I just have found somethign that works well for me, so I am sticking to it. Give it a shot, try like I did.
  10. the smoke scent makes perfect sense to me, it was a common thing years ago before hunters had all the expensive clothing to keep warm, to build a fire and have deer walk in while huddled over a fire. Iam going to have to get the scent smoker this year and give it a try.
  11. I take alot of scent percautions like most people, but the best scent control is to just stay downwind of the deer. Choose the proper stand location in relation to the wind direction and deer travel routes and it will help you significantly. Not to mention how you even travel to your stand location. Couple this with your scent control and you will see more deer. Good luck, Christmas (opening day) is almost here!
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    Good Stuff...thanks everyone.
  13. I wash in scent free laundry soap

    I wash every hunt with scent free soap

    I leave my top layer in the back of the truck so not to get all the scents from the truck

    I spray down after dressing in the field including the boots and soles

    I have not had any luck with the scent wafers

    I also have not had any problems with deer coming in from down wind.

    Stay still and even if they smell you they might be comfortable with the area that they come in.

    Good luck
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    Scent free soap for all hunting clothes.
    Scent free soap shower before every hunt.
    Brush my teeth with a baking soda and peroxide mixture, then use unscented Listerene.
    Store clothes in rubbermaid tub with leaves in it.
    Dress in just base layer clothes until arriving at hunting spot.
    Pc of plastic to cover my seat in my truck so those smells stay off me.
    Sometimes I use my Scent Smoker, sometimes not.
    Sometimes I spray with scent killers, my boots get sprayed every time.
    Walk slow to my stand carrying my upper outer clothes so I don't break a sweat.
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    I've determined over many years of hunting that understanding the wind currents in the area you hunt is more important than any scent control you can use. Using caution walking in to your stand to not leave your scent on brush, branches, etc is important as is a pair of rubber boots. Understanding which way the deer usually move morning and evening is a big help also when picking an approach point for a stand. I'm not a trophy hunter but I've got a few respectable racks on the wall and my freezer always has fresh venison. Common sense and understanding your quarry will go much further than trying to hide your b.o. in my book.

    Btw, the reasoning for advocating learning the deer movements and wind currents is that the originator says he's fairly new to deer hunting. Just like fishing - learn the basics and get good at them before moving on to the more advanced stuff.
  16. scent smoker....scent smoker....scent you best friend!!
  17. I found a very good thing to do and has been successful for me the past couple years though i am very picky about what i shoot. I usually wash my clothes with scent blocker as everyone else does then i will get a couple apples and cut them up and put them in the pockets of my clothes the night before i go hunting and wear them with me until i get to my spot then i just toss the apples out into the woods for the deer to come after. It has been successful for me but this year I will not be as picky about what i shoot at.