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Scent baits

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Star1pup, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. How about a general discussion on the use of scent? Last year I listened to all the hype about GULP! and tried it several times with absolutely no luck. In the past, however, I have used other scents that seemed to make at least a slight difference in my luck.

    I do know a couple guys who trolled Power Bait worms for walleyes on Erie and limited out.

    I did a crappie fishing video a long time ago and the guide used Fish Formula. His explanation was that you just give yourself every advantage to catch fish.

    What do y'all think? Worth it or not?
  2. I was told that the sent was to cover your sent from hadling the lure or bait ,from handilg the gas when fillup ,or handilg other things that turnoff the fish ,or they make a soap too

  3. ...scent to me is what may make a fish hold my soft bait a little longer so I can set the hook... Bass can take a soft bait in and spit it out before you even knew it was on...
    I never use scent on anything but plastics including skirts on my spinners and jigs and of course any worm type lure... So in closing if its a finesse bait then it won't hurt to put a scent on it in my eyes and that may include a simple salt solution that my worms sit in while in transit...
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    I have used several of the so called attractants. My belief is that the biggest advantage is to cover up the smell of the fisherperson. I used to rely heavily on Chompers Garlic Oil. I have now started to make my own and I have equal faith in it. I can buy all the fixins to make a quart for about $2.00. What works for me is to put one drop on my bait before the first cast and one drop after each time I touch the bait for any reason. One nasal spray bottle of it will last me the whole season and serves as the perfect applicator. This seems to work for me better on plastic baits than on hard baits.
  5. Do you think scent adds any appeal to live bait? Say minnows for crappie or nightcrawlers for walleyes or catfish?

    I think it has worked for me when using tube jigs under a bobber for crappies and retrieving slowly. Maybe that gives the scent more time to work.