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Saw the cuyahoga 1-15-05

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by riverrat66, Jan 16, 2005.

  1. WOW was she moving. I went down to the golf course area to see
    what I could see and boy if you thought it changed last year wait
    til this year.
    You can tell already that some sand bar and log jams have been moved.
    Should be fun come spring.
  2. What golf course?
    WELCOME ABOARD riverrat66 [​IMG]

  3. thanks
    The one on cuyahoga st. in the valley.
  4. were the indian tree is ?
  5. the golf course is valley view
  6. Sorry about the confusion, its just up stream from merriman rd. in Akron.
  7. riverrat66 do you know were the signal tree is ? it is right across from the old work house , if you know were that was!!!!!! on the akron side of the river! , the park in the falls is baab run?
  8. Nope didn't know that but do now, thanks ;)
  9. Saw most of it for the last week downstream of Merriman/Portage intersection at the Indian statue. Ira Rd bridge was closed too at one point for like a day.

    I kind of laugh at the Pinewoods golf course, who would have built that their in their right mind, it is under water most of the year. Reminds me of that one on 77 on the Tusc which everytime I drive by is under or about to be under water.

    MMMMM and ya know what I would love to imagine...the amount of blended overflow sewage from the last week in Akron...and to think...they want to change the CWA so that can happen everywhere anytime...yummy

    It was really hard for a while to distinguish what was river and what wasn't because it was so high and thick with debris. Riverview was even closed at one point because the water was over it and still is only several feet away at some points. It's gunna stay muddy for a while too. The tribs up in the valley at this area are so loaded with sediment right now its rediculous. You should see some of the intermittent streams that flow into the bigger named tribs and the hoga, they are just pure mud most of the time.
  10. I hit that river last year as soon as the water gor low enough to safely
    wade and man did it change alot from the year before.
    It was like fishing new water, like no river I'd ever been on.
    Once I got the holes figured out it was easier then ever.
    I just hope its 1/2 that good this year. Come on spring.
  11. riverrat66 i fished that part of the river for atleast 3 years before i seen that tree I walked right by her! she sure isa awsome tree !!!!!! havent been down there since my favorite hole got washed out and i now go up to erie ! but i just got a 12' to take to front st. later joe