Saw something pretty wild today (CRAZY)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by ParmaBass, Dec 30, 2008.

  1. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    I was Steelhead fishing near the mouth of a creek that flows into the Grand River today. I hear someone whistling to my left and I look and see someone coming toward me in what I thought was a kayak. As he gets closer I was pretty astonished to see him kneeling down on a blow up air mattress pushing his way toward the Grand River using a orange driveway marker as a "oar".

    When he gets a little closer I asked him if that was indeed a air mattress, he responds with "Yeah, it floats and it's something to do". I asked him where he planned on going and he says "Oh, probably down river a couple bridges away". I said "You're going to take that thing on the River?" and he simply says "It's something to do"?? He was wearing a pair of Jeans and a coat, no lifejacket or anything else that resembled a safety device. Last I checked before I left this morning the river was flowing pretty good too at around 2100cfs. He didn't seem high or crazy, to the naked eye anyways. There is a pic below I snapped as he floated past me, this is a SMALL air mattress too, no more than 2' wide. I told him he was NUTS and he just laughed it off and whistled a tune on his way.

    I saw a guy in the parking lot when I got back in and he asked me if I called 911. Bubba10, if you read this, did you see this guy in the parking lot? This was mabey 10 minutes after you left the spot we were fishing.

    And I'd also like to add that..... THE WATER IS REALLY COLD!

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  2. Wannabitawerm

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    And here we thought all the nuts had fallen off the trees already.

  3. symba

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    The precursor to a brand new Darwin Award. Simply amazing.
  4. cabin fever hit that guy quick
  5. lol... did he have his stickers? If he would of fallen in he would of been screwed. Parma did you do any good on the steelies?
  6. RareVos

    RareVos Lost Sailor

    That guy needs to have his head examined.
  7. K gonefishin

    K gonefishin Bit by Musky bug

    Well one thing is for sure " it was something to do" alright LOL
  8. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    No stickers, lol. I did get a few, but not here. This might be my last trip to this place, fishing has been slow and it's apparently been taken over by mattress boaters.
  9. corndawg

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    Not very bright. I guess it’s natures way of weeding out the gene pool. :rolleyes:
  10. You should have asked him what the max horse power for a motor on that beast is. I bet it would haul with a 9.9 on the back of it.
  11. Did he sound like one of those guys that constantly harass us when we catch fish at the trib out east? You know, the guy who we showed your "special foo" to.
  12. just because you dont have a mattress boat doesnt mean you have to be hateful. :p
  13. Lewis


    I wonder if that idiot realizes how little time he would have if he capsized his matress in these water temps?:confused:
    I shudder to think..the moron probably drives a car on public roads also.
  14. ParmaBass

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    He must of gotten dropped off, I assume. There were only 2 cars in the lot when I left and I talked to the other guy that was there. I would give him about 2 minutes in that water before he was totally numb. I was wearing 3 layers under my waders and I was cold!

    Joel, not the same type of person, lol. They travel in minivans not on a mattress.
  15. ezbite

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    well i was going to say liar, liar your pants are on fire:p . until i saw the photo, looks like dixie chicken standing on his raft paddling up i know fairport harbor/grand river are his stomping grounds
  16. ParmaBass

    ParmaBass Kiss The Converse

    Mabey that was the Grand River Coast Guard?:p
  17. rolland

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    This makes me mad. I spent all kinds of $ on a boat and noone on here told me to just use my air mattress. Guess I should sell my boat and put the $ to better use, like lotto tickets since I just found out from here you spend 2 bucks on 1 of those you get 15k in return.
  18. Gju42486

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    nope---not classy enough for us coast guard guys---here's how we roll.

    That guy was my friend rob, he was just out testing my new night bite boat, i sent him out to see if i needed trolling bags, or if it got slow enough where i was good. I can get in the REEEAL skinny water now chasing donkey :)

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  19. Alright!!! who gave PEON an air mattress.I bet buckey tom bought him that boat with his winnings.