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  1. East bound route 14... Rockwell hill... Had a Pickup pass me with a dark blue Lund behind...On the back window was a sticker ...Team OGF ...Tried to get the attention of the old fart riding shotgun...did'nt even turn his head...If he would have he would have seen this old fart driving a silver Trail Blazer waving... I guess they were heading to West Branch...This was 12:15...If you were going out I bet you got chased off at 3:00 when this storm moved through...Who were you and what happened....
    :C ...GOOD FISHING GUYS...:p
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  2. Lewzer

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    Doesn't Old Graybeard or luredaddy have a blue Lund?
    Where has Graybeard been? I haven't seen his posts about West Branch or Mosquito lately.

  3. BigDaddy300

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    Luredaddy does but the chances of seeing him heading to WB at 12:15 on a Sunday during boating season are about the same as me hitting the megamillions:D After saying that now watch him post that it was him:D