Saw a snow goose today

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Marshall, Feb 8, 2009.

  1. Marshall

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    Took the pic with my camera phone so it was a little blurry.

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  2. newbuckeye

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    With poor pic quality it looks more like an Egyptian Goose.

  3. streamstalker

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    American Buff goose that escaped the farm.

    Yeah, I got better things to do, but I could not resist. ;)
  4. Marshall

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    I saw a few like this last year with the all white ones. I figured it was the blue morph of the snow goose. They come to my workplace every year. Never saw an egyption goose before. We get quite a few cool waterfowl every february. Right now there are 3 ducks in the pond by the fountain. One is a male Canvasback, another is a male Goldeneye and the last is a Male Redhead. We had a ruddy a few weeks back but it left. Should be seeing lesser scaup, ringnecked and pintail soon. We don't get big numbers, usually 1or 2 of each. I didn't see the goose today hope to get a better pic.
  5. I saw my fisrt snow goose in Ohio after waterfowl hunting for over twenty years. It was hanging with a flock of Canadians. Saw it about four days in a row.

    I managed to get some pictures of it.