savage 250-3000

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    does any on eknow where i might be able to find on eof these my father had one that he bought in the seventies and it was stolen along with allot of our other guns about a year ago. i would really like to replace this for him any advice would be great
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    check around the online auction sites...

  3. Good luck , hope you can find one & at a reasonable price. That's a great old caliber, but they are nearly impossible to find.
    If it were me, besides what LK said, try an Ohio Gun Collectors meet.
  4. I have a Ruger 77R that I bought off a old guy at the Hilliard Gun show about 15yrs ago, its a great round and deadly accurate with the 75gr V-Max, Savage started to chamber a few in there rifles several years back...but probably didnt make alot of them, if you just was a 250-3000 and dont care about what type Midway has Encore barrels in that caliber.
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