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  1. Hey, I have a question for more experienced gunsmiths than myself. I got new Savage Mark II .22LR and I was out at the range shooting it yesterday. I slid the rifle back in my padded carrying case and was getting ready to leave when the rifle slid out the end of the case and hit the ground, butt first, it fell about 2 ft, maybe. Anyways, the bottom of the butt cracked, from the lower screw in the butt plate almost to the sling strap screw. It did not crack all the way through, it is still connected to the stock, just has a nasty crack in it. So, what do I do? The rifle is new to me, my parents bought it in Sept. I am planning on calling Savage and seeing if they will cover it under warranty, but the way it read, I don't believe that they will. So can you fix something like that or do I have to buy a whole new stock? And if that is the case, besides the dealer, is there any place to look for a new stock? Thanks for the help, I'm just a novice.
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    Thats not covered under warrenty, kinda like driving a car into a tree and asking GM to fix it for free:)

    How bad is the crack, is it possible to get some glue in the crack and clamp it?

  3. I thought about that but I haven't actually pulled off the butt plate yet. The crack looks almost all the way through, from the end of the stock at the lower butt plate screw almost to the sling strap screw but not all the way through. Do you have any suggestions on type of glue? Just Elmers wood glue or something more specific like guerrilla glue?
  4. I would break the piece free and remove any loose inside stringers. dry fit the piece back up with some clamping configuration or heavy rubber bands.
    Check to see how close the piece fits back in place and carefully remove any additional internal interference. Use a one hour cure Epoxy to coat both pieces and again clamp tight. Use rubbing alcohol to remove the Epoxy that squeezes out. Keep an eye on the repair and keep cleaning as the two parts continue to seat. Refinish the area or whole stock as required. If the break was clean and repair left little open wood, you can use stain or even shoe polish to touch up the blemish. I have used this repair technique with lasting results.
    If you try this, don't be in a rush just think you way through it have all you tools and parts prepared.
    If you are coming into the Medina area, shoot me a PM with you phone number. I have a few lockable foam padded plastic case and you can have one.
  5. I would doubt they will do anything about that, but....... I will commend Savage for their customer service. I thought I had a problem with one of my clips for my model 93 .22 WMR so I called them about it. I explained to one of their CS agents the problem I was having and he just asked me what my address was and explained that he would send a new one my way the next day. The next week I got not one, but two new clips for my gun. I didn't have to pay shipping or anything.

    Probably some of the best customer service i have ever witnessed.