Saugeyes on the Tusc River & Stillwater Creek

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    i fish for saugeye quite a bit on the Tusc River and Stillwater Creek and i thought it would be interesting to get some different opinions on techniques used.

    when you fish for saugeyes is there specific locations that you all target or do you catch them pretty much anywhere when they are biting ?? ive caught saugeye along shallow rocky deep pools around open shallow mud flat areas ..........basically anywhere in the river at different times. i like to fish creek mouths that enter the river but generally most of these are being fished pretty hard so i dont get to fish them as much as i would like to. ive caught fish in water as shallow as a foot or two in tha late evening and early morning and ive caught them as deep as 12-15 ft. what do you guys think as far as depths.....locations ........etc ??

    as far as baits i like to throw shad raps, husky jerks and all of the plastics (grubs...shad bodies...even tubes) what baits do you all prefer to use ?? i primarily bank fish since i have no boat !!! another question i have is this......................i see guys fishing jigs so slowly on the bottom that they hang up just about every other cast and i also see guys catch fish on crankbaits with a pretty fast steady retrieve in the middle of the winter. in my opinion i dont think you can move a bait too fast for saugeyes if they are actively feeding............ what do you all think ??? ive caught fish on the stillwater in mid winter moving my baits faster then anyone else down there in fact i even had one guy come over and tell me to slow down my retrieve one night and about 2 minutes later i caught a nice eye fishing (too fast in his opinion) i thought this would be a interesting discussion AND it might help all of us saugeye guys out alittle !!

    also what size in your opinions is a "keeper" saugeye for filleting ?? i generally fillet fish between 17-20 icnhes and throw back any other fish. i have seen guys take bucket loads of small fish 10-14 inchers out of the stillwater and in my opinion the fishing has suffered bad over the past 2-3 years or so !!! what do you guys think ??
  2. two fish, 12-16in is all you need a day, i release every saugeye, walleye, or sauger i catch over 20in. smaller ones taste better