Saugeyes (1/19/09)

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  1. Hey guys, I headed out to Deer Creek about 7:00 am this morning and only caught one eye. Didn't see any others caught. The water was very low. There was open water between the dam and the road bridge, and that surprised me at 13 degrees. The one was caught on a hot pink jig. The Saugeye was only 10 or 12 inches long. Sorry there wasn't better news to report. Sincerely
  2. Slayer, you accomplished 2 good things 1. you got out 2. you caught something. That sounds like a good report to me. :-{ )

  3. Plus you let me know the ice is gone! It was nearly frozen up just a few days ago.
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    My buddy fished it this afternoon and evening for a few hours, said he caught ten and four of which were keepers. He also said they were all on chartreuse jig and pink bodies. Pink must be the ticket, at least for now. Too bad I can't get back till the weekend.
  5. I wished I would have stayed longer! I gave up too early! A lot of guys say they get em right after dark, but I'de have been frozen by then. I gotta time it better.