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    Looking for some help on targeting saugeye. Over the past few years the only time I've fished for em is late fall or early spring. Lets just say my luck has been extremely minimal. I can count the saugeye caught on one hand. Well, being that I've had my share of crappie this spring I thought I'd turn my attention to some summer saugeye. But I have the following questions if anyone would care to share expertise.

    1. For summer, what baits do you like to target saugeye with? Worm harness? twister? husky jerk?

    2. What types of areas are good to look for em? I often hear flats or wind swept points.

    3. What methods work for you?
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    You got the locations right. Try trolling small crankbaits. You could try tolling medium size crankbaits. Also, try trolling at night especially dusk to 10pm. Ok, you can still catch them on a jig but it gets tougher. I have never caught a saugeye on a worm harness, but that doesn't mean that one coudn't.

    I like: Storm Hot N Tots, Rapala Shad Rap, Wally Divers. I usually prefer lures with charteruesse in them but if the water clarity is a good then a tennessee shad is good or a blue back.


  3. if you have a boat, hit up Indiana Lake. People seem to be slamming them right now up there. Both from shore, and from boat.

    Alum Creek is producing pretty good, serval post on here with some bank fishermen getting good results. Hoover as well, and Buckeye ocean seems to be doing decent this time of year

    Below griggs dam is decent as well. Only place I've ever caught saugeyes. I throw a night crawler harness upstream diagonally from the bank, let it flow down stream, and retrieve once it hits the deeper pools (you'll have to find some pools, look for the blue water...), pulling it up stream back to where I am. REPEAT..

    best advice is to try to fish for smallies with crank baits and hope you get a couple bonus Eyes. Every time I've fished just for Eyes, I've been skunked.
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    ditto on locations.also any structure can hold fish.anything down to a single stump or very small change in depth.every year i pull numerous saugeyes from around one particular single stump at hoover,on harnesses. for summertime saugeye trolling,it's hard to be a crawler harness.while cranks mentioned will definitely catch fish,i like pulling harnesses during the summer months,and they account for most of my fish.
    jigs can also be structure or flats till you find active fish.sometimes just a piece of crawler on a bare jig can be killer.or a slip sinker with plain hook with piece of crawler.try crawler or minnie w/twistertail also.
    then there's blades and spoons.they can be killer at times in mid to late summer,either jigging or snap casting.baitfish are key at this time of year.find them and the eyes usually won't be far away.
    also,focus on water 12 feet or less most of the time.a lot of people fish too deep and are missing out on lots of fish.while they will be deeper at times,i catch the the big majority of my fish in around 8 feet of water.when baitfish ball up later and roam the points and flats,fish will follow them and be as deep as 14 feet or more at times.this is when vertical jigging can pay off,and also provide some great multi-species action.
  5. when it comes to saugeye fishing below dams, looks for fast moving currents that dump into deeper pools. Saugeyes hang out in those deeper pools waiting for bait fish to be washed down from the currents.

    Misfit, great advice on baits! should help me out a lot. I usually just use crankbaits (3-5 depth) and jigs.
  6. Saugeye sit on the bottom. They love the shallow muddy lakes of west central ohio. Shallow lakes= shallow cranks like trolling Bomber B02 and Bandit 100 series. I only need 10-11 yds of line released to catch them in Indian Lake.

    They bite like walleye,and will suck in a bait and swim with it. Sensitive equipment helps in detecting their bits- Sensitive superbraids and sensitive rods. Trolling is my main method,and bumping the bottom occationally triggers them. The saugeye around me don't suspend. Match the depth of your crankbaits to the depth of what your fishing waters. They will sit in any little dredge slot,hole,and hide under pads and bridges when the water heats up. This time of year,the bass fishermen will tear them up on cranks on the rocks.

    Boat traffic has little effect on them. Some have raved about boats running through moundwood channel and bank fishermen casting into the wakes and catching them.

    BTW: I am still slamming saugeye at Indian lake. This evening's troll was the worst and we still had 10 saugeye in the boat in a 3 hr troll. Very windy,very rough,but the saugeye are still hitting,at least for my method.