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Saugeye Tournament

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by Buckeye Ron, Mar 9, 2005.

  1. :) I heard today that there was going to be a Saugeye tournament up at Indian Lake in May, has anyone heard about or know about it? :confused:

  2. Hi Buckeye Ron,

    the event at Indian Lake is for Law Enforcement, Fireman, and Corrections employee's, It is in May and I believe it is on the 6th. The entry fee is $20.00 per person with a maximum of three people per boat. I will provide additional information and the contact person if needed.

    Have a good, Bill "Steelhead King"
  3. BlueBoat98

    BlueBoat98 Where's Waldo?

    Here's the whole WOWC schedule. March 20 is coming up pretty fast!

    2005 Tournament Schedule

    March 20
    Buckeye Lake

    April 17
    Alum Creek

    May 29
    Rocky Fork Lake

    June 26
    C.J. Brown Lake

    July 10
    Hoover Lake

    Oct 22 - 23
    Championship at Indian Lake

    Go to their website for more information.
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