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    i have been fishing a lake for many years now and have it figured out pretty well structure and fish wise except for saugeye. i know they are in there because every now and then some one catches one accidentaly and when they are caught they are hogs. i say accidentally because it is usually a bass fisherman or someone not saugeye i do not know of anyone ever just going after saugeye and i lived on this lake for 15 years. ialso know that they are there because my grandfather stocked it between 1976-88 when he passed away. after he passed others on the park board continued to stock it until the early ninetys. the biggest one i have seen taken out of there was almost 8 lbs. i caught one myself once on chicken liver and bobber cat fishing. this is a very good lake especially in the spring but once the water warms the fishing gets tough and it has turned allot of the locals off of it so it gets very little pressure even though it is a public lake.

    i am not really sure on how to approach it. the lake is about 13 acres and the deepest spot is about 12-14 deep. the bottom is a mix of rock and sand and muck. there is quite a bit of structure such as downed trees and a couple of rock piles. there are also a few islands that have long sand/rock points. my first thought would be to hit the points start shallow and go deeper as i go? not sure exactly any help would be great. thanks alot guys
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    By the description, that sounds a little bit like Richwood Lake. Not sure if that is the one you are referring to though. It's got a few nice fish in it. Though, i don't think I would try to target saugeye in there.


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    Since most saugeyes are believed to be sterile its unusual they are still there since stocking stopped back in the 90's as you say. And the ability to breed would be a rare thing indeed. Without any breeding, most 'eyes would be very old fish indeed. I think the average life expectancy for an 'eye is around 3-5 years.

    Very interesting, but if they are there I am sure you could put most saugeye tactics to work and pick up a fish or two. Just look around OGF and there are lots of threads dealing with methods for catching eyes - especially the Central Ohio forum.

    Good luck!
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    try catfishing again! ha ha! :)