Saugeye limit at P Hill 5-28-07

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  1. My son and I went to Pleasent Hill monday. Had a great day with a limit of saugeye ( biggest 2 19inches the rest 14 to 17 inches). Got them all on night crawlers, with just a hook and split shot.Caught very few throw backs, got 3 smallmouth and 1 largemouth. Oh yea son got a sheephead:) Now for the fish story,my son thought he was snagged. Until the snag starting ripping line off his reel and the pole was bent double, but it only lasted for about 30 second, what ever it was got off. (big one allways gets away:) [​IMG]
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    nice shirt, and fish

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    Who cares about the fish...

    Awesome Shirt!
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    were u drifting or anchored up????
  5. Drift if you have the wind, If not I us the electric motor to troll
  6. Most of all, I love the shirt. They should be free hand outs in Ohio!
  7. jellosiouslly raises it's ugly head once again....sorry guys
  8. Hey eyeballs, Jellosiouslly???????? you mean jealousy must be a steeler's fan:p sorry for you too:D I give it to the all the steeler fan when I get the chance which is not to often. GO BROWNS!!!!!!
  9. Dawg,,,I will be camping down there at mohican from aug 5th till the 10th for a week.So do they catch many during the summer months.I will be in a 16ft boat with a 25hp.So i will be able to fish anywhere.Is there a hp limit on there?I would like some info on the lake for Aug....ty....Yes i will be driving up to pleasent hill to fish....
  10. the lakes unlimited horsepower so it get crazy that time of year! Best to try early mornings , evenings, or even night fishing. though it will not be as bad during week days. I like fishing the no wake bouy's in front of the beach area just about all year. Find the bait fish with your fish finder and you will find the saugeyes.
  11. How do you fish the hook , split shot, and worm rig? When you feel pressure, do you let the line out, or do you set quick?
  12. I point the rod tip towards the fish and then set it