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Saugeye fishing -other than Antrim

Discussion in 'Central Ohio Fishing Reports' started by ying6, Dec 2, 2004.

  1. Soo much talk about the one fish from antrim, ok it is the state record but has anyone been fishing anywhere else lately.
    Here is a rundown of my last couple weeks: Put the boat away for the winter, probably a little too soon but I like to jump in the truck and head over two Alum,Hoover, or now even Delaware and fish off the riprap whenever I get a chance, most of the time after dark.

    Without being really specific, I can tell you that all three areas have produced fish for me in the last 2 weeks. Most fish coming off casting suspending rouges and husky jerks (a silver feature has been key). Some even coming off a simple minnow. But all fish after dark have come from casting.
    We were able to get into some nice fish before Thanksgiving, the largest being just shy of 7lbs. eeeek38 caught that one.

    In the past 2 weeks, we (eeek38 and I) have put in about 5 days a week 2hours a night.
    What have we learned. 1. It doesn't matter what time of night 2. The fish seem to be hitting on both clear and overcast nights. 3. the bigger fish came on clear calm nights. 4. The fronts only messed things up for that night.
    I have heard over and over that the fish have not moved up yet due to the weather. - Not sure if i am ready to believe that one yet.

    has anyone else had similar results?
  2. funny you mention calm nights big fish, i got a 27in. a 25 and a23 on tuesday night before turkey day calm as can be so calm i could see bait fish causing all kinds of heck on the opposite point i was fishing with no bait fish on my point. i fished the other point for 1 and a half hours with all the bait fish going nuts but got nothing. fishing for me has not been consistant yet ( 4 to 6 nights a week since end of oct. minimum of 3 hours per.)

  3. Wow, even more ironic... biggest fish thus far came on the same night. Same situation different point in a different lake(if you fished the same lake u caught the state record in). - Caught it around 9pm (give or take half an hour), can you remember your time? That night was a great one. Caught fish in groups of 5. Seemed to really be schooling.
    I imagine we have casted around each other many times.. maybe not the same locations though. Would be very interesting to see if they hit at the same times.
    Here is one, went out Sunday.. caught 2 right off the bat around 8:00, sky was cloudy and had a good breeze. Then it cleared and didnt get another hit. - Did you happen to fish Sunday night?
  4. really strange, i got a call from my wife that night at about 8 and i had a good strike on the pause about 10 minutes before. talked to her for about 3 min. and about 20min. later got the 27. got the other ones between 9 and 10 o'clock. this was not at alum. i think sunday night was another one of those 1 or 2 12-14 inch fish nights, have had a lot of those nights so far. other than the 3 good ones that tues. i got 1@26in. and a couple of 24's but over all 1 or so 12-14 inchers per night. how the heck you miss those strikes on the pause i will never figure out!
  5. ying, i have been reading your posts and replies for 2 years on a couple of sites and wondered if we ever crossed paths. if i am not alone i fish with 1 or 2 other guys. then again when i get to a favorite spot and there is someone there i move to another. i like space. i love to cast paralell to shore or should i say fan cast a whole area.
  6. Hit Hoover yesterday about 2pm-6:30pm. This was the latest in the year I've ever fished Hoover from a boat. Almost got blanked except for a few dink saugeye.

    Most interesting thing to report is the incredible amount of baitfish still present. Position your boat over any steep drop in the south end and you'll see what I mean. I'm now hoping it was the overabundance of forage and not my lack of technique. :eek:

    Tried trolling the Smothers Rd bridge after the sun went down. My hat's off to anyone who can put up with the constant parade of cars/trucks and the glaring headlights. Made 2 passes and quit early. It's probably not as noticeable if your shore fishing from the rocks.
  7. Ying 6, Where have you been catching your fish at. I have not been out for some time now because knowone at Desales likes to fish these days. Anyways let me (Harry) know if you want to give alum a try again this year.
  8. crappielooker

    crappielooker The Corn Chucker

    went to walk my dog and see whats up at antrim today, saw a few folks fishing..didn't see anything being caught while i was there..didn't look like anyone caught anything either..good day to be out there, although its a tad windy..
  9. DAVEM


    Ying6 I posted a few days ago about the saugeye fishing and have found similar results. My best fishing has been calm nights off the points but when on the riprap nothing beats a nice breeze. Silver huskies have been the mainstay. I have caught some decent muskies too. Makes for a fun evening. I just keep a few saugeyes for the grease. The rest are put back to become a 15 pounder! Good luck.
  10. Didn't fish for saugeye this weekend, but I imagine Saturday night would have been the night. Went up to Cleveland for the Walleye. WOW! What a fishery. EEEEK38, will probably post a few pics, but I think I may have learned something from the trip. - Has to do with wind, waves, baitfish and lure selection. But, as we all know those are walleyes in Erie and we fish saugeyes in little ponds (lakes).
    Question for you guys who saugeye fish.. On these calm nights, have you been using suspending or floating (never mind anything else)? On windy nights, what do you use? - Success rate may vary depending on either or.
    just a thought.
  11. nothing but suspending for me, though no wind=4 and half inch wind or breeze=5 or 5and a half inch. then water clarity and brightness of the moon determines color. i dont use floaters because that strike on the pause with a suspending rouge is my drug.
  12. Why do you use a larger lure with a breeze or wind? Is it just for distance on the cast? Or depth when diving?
    If it is the latter I might have a different theory after this weekend.
  13. EE


    I haven't used a floating jerkbait in 15 years. however, I do think floaters work and I know people who use them. About lake Erie, it's not an earth-shattering thought here, but I think there was so much action at the top of the water on Saturday due to the high numbers of walleye chasing the shad from underneath, there's only one escape for the shad - up. And there, they found thousands of hungry gulls waiting as well. In those conditions, I'm betting the floating jerkbaits that were being thrown at the fish were catching just as many walleye as the suspending. There have been nights around Columbus when we've sat there and watched shad surfacing in a frenzy, no doubt being chased by predatory fish, so I would guess that on those types of nights, a floater would be fine. Other nights, we haven't seen many baitfish and still manage to get a few here and there, but they are always on suspending.
    I also know that the windier it got on Saturday, the bigger the lure required to get it out where I needed it to go (I seem to be able to manipulate a lure better in the wind if it's bigger) not much more to it than that I don't think, but we'll hear what others have to say.
    cobra, do you ever change your retrieve based on wind/brightness of the moon?
  14. EE


    Sunday Steelhead fishing.......this one goes close to 30", I have to measure the length of rod shown in the picture.
    Saturday Walleye fishing should be up next.

    this is supposed to come at the end of the thread, not sure why it popped up here. I'll post the walleye pictures in a bit.

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  15. EE


    not sure if this will come out well, but maybe someone can guide me so I can get the picture on here without it being so small.

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  16. i dont think the longer ones go any deeper, but it will cast a few feet further and at times can make a differance when you are shore bound. i also like the feel of it on the cranks when the seas are a little angry. it could be that i just have forced myself to belive this but it just seems more stable or easier to stay in contact with in wind and current ? my retrieve is so routine that it is boring but it really works well. the only change i make is the length of the pause. under current determines this, you may have noticed this but just because the wind is blowing one way doesnt mean the under current is going the same way. when the under current is flowing away from the bank you can get long pauses if it is going the opposite way then you have to shorten the pause to keep up to stay in contact.
  17. Bassnpro1

    Bassnpro1 OSU outdoorsman

    What you have to do is to go to the picture in your photo gallery after you have uploaded it and right click on it. Go to properties at the very bottom and copy the URL of the photo. Then when you go to post hit the insert image button and paste it on there and BOOM, there it is. Hope this was simple enough!
  18. Good Job EEK!! What, no pics of ying? I heard through a very reliable source that you opened a can of whoop a$$ on him fishing for Steelies as well.
  19. I could have bet a million dollars my mug was not going to be in any of those shots.
    Back to the Saugeye talk. Went out last night, pretty much the same routine. Only had one 19 inches. Bait fish seemed to be real tight to the bank. Caught on a rogue, junior suspending.
    No schooling, fish hit 3 different times before he latched on.
  20. EE