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  1. I recently moved to the area and am very interested in fishing for saugeyes in the spillway. I had read about various presentations but have some questions about equipment:
    1. What action rod would be most suitable?
    2. What strength of line?
    3. What weight in jigs?

    I appreciate the help; most of my fishing experience is at Salt Fork State Park fishing for crappie. Thanks and Good luck
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    6-7 foot med/lite to med. power rod with a fast tip,
    6-8 pound monoo or copolymer line
    normally 1//8 to 1/4 oz. jigs,but weight depends on current to keep them bouncing bottom.

  3. SConner

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    Misfit has it right, only thing I do different is a little heavier line (8-10 lbs) so I can retrieve more snags without losing gear. Most the waters I fish are a little murky so I don't think line visibility is generally and issue. Aside from jigs, you might try Rapala husky jerks, slow retrieve with little twitches. From now into May saugeye bite should be pretty decent. They don't bite as readily once water temps start climbing.
  4. As for jig color, I get the impression that pink, white, chartreuse are the key colors. What size twister tails should i use and should i tip them with a minnow or other live bait?
    What color and size for the crank baits?
    I really appreciate the tips.
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  5. As for color of jigs go all colors have caught me fish. Pink and white swirl has been my best, then black. As for jerkbaits I like Smithwick suspending rattilin rogue. My best color is clown. I also like bream when the water is murky. You need to be careful throwing these below spillways due to getting snagged. Best used when not a lot of current. Where will you be fishing mostly? Good luck.

  6. SConner

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    I don't jig much so I will leave that for someone else to answer. On the Rapala, not sure of weight but one I use is 3" long navy/silver. If your in current and lure gets swept downstream real fast, bring it back upstream slow. The current will keep it wiggling and I have caught some of my best saugeye slow retrieving upstream.
  7. Caesar Creek, Rocky Fork and maybe Deer Creek
  8. Hillbilly910

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    3 inch grubs work rather well, and you will be suprised how many small ones will get that grub packed into their mouth.
    My primary color is chartruse. But i also carry white and black.(white for really clear water, black for muddy water, or after dark fishing)
    What little i fished at CC spillway last winter, seemed like split-shotting a minnow was the best bet, but that was winter, not pre-spawn and spawn fish.

  9. If you want some good saugeye fishing I would hit the GMR. I have luck with tubes and X-raps for the saugeye. I use an 1/8 up to a 3/8 jig depending on the current and what it takes to get it to the bottom. 8lb test has always worked fine for me and I'm a spinning rod guy. Good Luck
  10. I am new to the area. What is GMR?
  11. Great Miami River
  12. GMR is the great miami river. if you see lmr it is the little miami river
  13. a blue rapala is all you need for saugeye in the GMR. i have had lots of luck with it
  14. Go to Gander Mountain or online at and look at the Vib"e" blade baits. I know people kill saugeye with those on the lakes and at least one person caught a big saugeye on the GMR with one last year but I don't think it's used much on the river. You might try removing the belly hook for the river to lower the number of snags.
  15. JPfishing

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    every saugeye I ever caught came on a blue/orange/silver smithwick suspended. GMR, Indian lake, I think it's a great artificial to use for them.
  16. I have heard black after dark, but it seems counterintuitive; what is the logic behind it?
  17. a dark lure to a fish at night is easier to see because it stands out against the night sky better than a bright colored lure. here is a link to a forum about night fishing with black: