saturday @ o'shay

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  1. we went crappie fishing @ o'shay caught 42 on jigs and minnows 6'-10' down in about 15' fow. water temp was 38 had to boat around the ice to get to twin lakes area.
  2. Help me out Captain T, where is the twin lakes area on O'Shay? How many hours did it take to get 42 crappie, and were they all keepers? Thanks in advance.

  3. fishing dog twin lakes is about half way between home rd. and the dam on the west side. it took about 4 hrs and about half were keepers
  4. FOSR

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    Take Rt. 745 north out of Shawnee Hills and you'll drive across it. In the park system it is marked as Area S.

    It has been a big mud flat lately, one lagoon even needs mowing on the lake bottom.