Saturday Morning Smallies On The River

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  1. They Were No Where To Be Found. Water Was Up Yet Another 2 Feet Or So. Luckily We Had A Back-up Plan (thanks To Reelmanly). He Brought Some Shrimp And We Ended Up With 11 Catfish Of Mostly Decent Size.
    Then I Went To Oshaugnasy On Sunday With Another Buddy And Ended Up With 16 Keeper Crappie And 5 Largemouth.

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    sorry to hear about Sat. saw you guys out there as I drove over the bridge. Did you hear me honking my horn around 10:30?

  3. reelmanly

    reelmanly Set The HOOK!!!!!!!!

    Yep it was like having your best girl date a hunter LOL no smallies my heart was broken when we pulled up to the river ,but we did give it a shot, Nitro beat me up on the Cats, While Nitro was on the river sunday I took a novice buddy to a private pond and we floated minnows lookin for big Gill and ended up catchin 17 largemouth instead best was pushin 4lbs the bite was so light that the bobber wouldnt even go down most of the time, jusrt a little twitch, they would pull up on the minnow , light take it and just sit there, the pond was really quite clear and we floated the minnies at 5 feet once the hook was set it was cool to see them come up and run. Now just look at this weather, I guess when the goin gets tough the tough get goin, headed up to Erie for the night bite thursday eve.
  4. I always had pretty good luck on the river for cats when the water was up a little, on one hand it was kinda disappointing floating minnies around for smallies and bringing up a channel... but on the other hand they they hit hard and didnt fight to bad so how much can you complain.