Saturday Mogadore Clean-Up

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  1. I need to "clean" some things up! First this is not a "club." I don't mean to scare anyone off, or people to think this is a closed group. Its just me and anyone else who feels they want to help. If this turns into a "group" then great! But no obligation or responsibility was meant to be passed on to anybody.

    I shead hunted around the lake yesterday and picked up many old glass beer and pop bottles that were scatered in the woods. It bugs me to see our lakes and woods littered with trash. If it bothers you too, or if you just want to get out, than please join me at the bait store on Saturday morning at 9am. From there I will go over to the CLR parking area.

    I believe BigDaddy will be there to provide the trash bags, thanks to the city of Akron. paintEd, and bobinstow also mentioned they will help. But in no way is this sponsored by OGF or the city of Akron. It's something I do and I hold no one responsible if I get hurt. I hope I didn't scare anyone off with my "club" post. I was just doing some wishfull thinking and killing some time.

    But, I will, and hope you too, will show up to do some clean-up around the lake that seems to be going to he!!.

    Sorry for any confusion I may have caused. Hope to see some of you Saturday,

  2. Mogadore Bait and Tackle 9AM Saturday the 29th. Hope to see you there!
  3. It's all good Joe!

    I mentioned it at the crappie seminar tonight (thanks for the reminder Bob!) as well, so I hope we get a few folks there.

    Remember, Jeff at Mogadore Bait has some coffee and donuts for us, PLUS, if you want to go to the Austintown outdoor show, there are FREE PASSES for any of the trash-pickin' folks who want them.

    See you all Saturday.
  4. Thanks BD. Sorry I missed the seminar.....had to work late! I will stop by LBF on Sat. afternoon after I fill a few bags of trash.
  5. That's where I'm heading too!
  6. Coot

    Coot It's all about the doin'

    Is this still a go ?

  7. I'll be there in about an hour or so. YES! It's still a go.