Saturday 5/8

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    Hit the Little Portage area for the first time....saw quite a few Carp swiming around...they were not jumping like they were at East harbor 4 weeks ago. Stayed from about 4 till midnight....only got one 7 lbr. Missed two runs about 11 oclock. I now there is big fish in there but man it was tough....cold front came in about 9 or ten and i wasnt really dressed for it...i think i maybe could have managed a few more if i had stayed longer.
    Hit Erie for eyes on sunday...the damn weather men were wrong again....wind was supposed to shift to the south...never happend...wind whipping outa the north pretty hard so we called it a short walleye and 2 Fishoh white bass.

  2. When I went to East Harbor a few weeks ago, I stopped at a public area where the Little Portage meets the Big Portage. The wind was blowing HARD that day. It looked like an excellent place to get mugged. It's too bad that you can't drive a vehicle to the other parts of the park.