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Sat-Sun Yondota rd

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrm123, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. I went Sat afternoon around 4pm and fished until 8pm 1 fish, very hot and sweaty. I did have a nice talk with the local DNR guy he was out setting duck traps with his son. For tag and release purposes. He told me there is nice size Northern Pike in this pond. Then here came Sunday morning, I'm the only one out there and I catch a glimpse of a Pike at least 30-36inches also seen two 4-5 lb Lg mouths. You guessed it, I could'nt catch !@#$ to save my life, I did manage to lose about 10 bucks worth of lures. I will be heading up to Cabelas tonight after work to re supply my arsonal. It be nice if we could pick a night at meet out there this week. I'm pretty much open after 6pm. How did everyone else do?
  2. Hey, i made my way out there one day when i got off work real early and managed a 19 incher and a few small 12's. You really have my interest now with the pike. anyways, i'll make my way out there soon and am goin gto try to kayak in there to make it out past the weed flats. let me know.

  3. No vessels allowed or wading. I told the dnr guy to try and change that for us small vessel owners. Also he said there trying to get some type of fish I forgot the name, anyway to put in there to eat some of the weeds, and no its not a grass carp :D . What did you catch em on? Sat fish came on the blue/black jig/pig with craw trailer. They need a bigger sign did you see it under all them vines on that tree?
  4. i caught it on a senko, dark green. i saw the sign but skimmed it real fast and missed the part about the boat. that stinks. it tough to get a cast out far enough to clear the weeds. i was also throwing a frog on the mats but didn't get anything that way. oh well.