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Sat report from the Maumee Bay Big pond

Discussion in 'Northwest Ohio Fishing Reports' started by mrm123, Sep 13, 2004.

  1. Got out around 8am(drinking the nite before),caught 7 boated 5, big one 2lb 16incher. Did see one nice one in the shallow around 5lb 20-24inches killing the minnows by the stump near the 2nd bridge picnic area. I've been invited to fish the Detroit river this Sunday19th(never been) any help on lure selection would be great. Hope everone had a good wknd.
  2. you gonna be smallie fishing or largemouth? i loved the detroit river when i was up there for a tournament. all kinds of areas to try. the north shore of the canadian side is the place for smallies if the weather is nice. we used tubes, avacado seems to be my hot color for this whole summer, and anything purpleish. if you make it back into any of the backwaters of the islands there are some great largemouth, we were throwing standards....senkos, spinnerbaits, g. yamamoto grubs. it can get pretty weedy too. if you're familiar with the area known as the spoils (pt moulliee) there are some real nice largemouth in there. we fished it a little and i got a decent one out of there but the weather was real bad the day before and the water was puke color. a guy made the run up there in an earlier tournament out of sterling and brought a very nice limit of largies. look out for pike, eyes and muskies too.

  3. I'm the invited one I have no clue I would think smallies.? Thanks for the tips. By the way I drove to Yondota rd and its locked up tighter than a drum.
  4. yes it is the same one talked about several times in this forum.