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Sarasota Fla.

Discussion in 'Fishing Reports - Out of State' started by Lucky Bass, Mar 14, 2005.

  1. Hey All,
    I have seized the opportunity to visit Sarasota Florida for spring break (3/21-3/26). I just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for getting into some fish down there. I have never done any saltwater fishing before and would just like to get into some fish. The spanish mackeral during the day and the snook at night sound like a good time. I wouldn't mind just catching a LOT of fish like sheephead as long as they pull. Thanks for any advice!!

  2. Haven't been there for years, but shrimp was a great bait years ago

  3. FishJunky

    FishJunky AEP Tuber Association

    Any pier will hold Sheephead. I was just down in fort myers and caught alot of sheephead. Just use live or fresh shrimp right up next to pilons. The best thing for snook is Live Shrimp. Use a swivel and a two foot piece of 20# florucarbin for your leader. They can see steel leaders. If the surf is calm don't use a weight if it's a little ruff use a 1/2oz to 1oz slip sinker. Spanish are fun to catch too. I use anything that is shiny with some weight to it fishing off the pier. When you go to buy bait get your live shrimp at any bait store, but if you just want dead shrimp go to the fish market. It's alot fresher and believe me the fish no the differance.. Good luck and let me know how you did.. PS Any open faced bass combo will work with 14 to 20 pound line. My preferance is 14lb line with 20lb leader...
  4. I go to Sarasota every year. If you want to do some good fishing, go the Nokomis Beach on Casey Key. This is where the intercostal meets the Gulf. There is a little bait shack where you can buy shrimp & tackle. Also if you have a dip net, you can get your own baitfish. There is a rock jetty that goes out and there are fish all around it. Good place to catch Snook & Sheephead, but you can get almost any species if the time is right. Also you will get to see dolphin, mantee, and the occasional shark. Good luck, I'll be down the week after you are!
  5. On the Sanibel pier, when I was down there a week ago, the large majority of the sheepshead were bieing caught on "sand fleas". They are what seems to be a small clam like creature, they can be caught or bought. We were not fishing for sheepshead but did catch a couple on live shrimp. If you want to target them, you might look in to those, cause they were definently effective.
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    I lived in Sarasota for 8 years, and know the area well.

    You'll be on the tail end of the snook season, but the jetty down in Nokomis that Cousin Al references is a fantastic spot to try for snook, especially at dusk/night. You'll want a little heavier casting tackle for that place as you never know what you'll hook into - I've caught 30+lb rays and 15lb Jacks at times. It's a good spot to fish especially in the evening/night this time of year. That is the #1 place I recommend for snook. #2 place would be to look for a place called Phillipi creek, which has bank access near Riverview High School. Cast small surface plugs around the creek and you should get some action.

    Sheephead you can find just about around any piers or bridges, recommend tubeworms if you can find them or sandfleas/shrimp will do. Again, you'll need good tackle to keep them out of the pilings.

    Do NOT waste your time surfing off the beach or the longboat key pier - wastes of time. Vience Pier is worth a shot, and if the fish aren't biting there's always Sharky's bar at the base of the pier :)

    Good luck!
  7. Everyone,
    Thank you all so much for your tips and information. It is really appreciated! Our plane leaves on Monday morning and we will return on Saturday. I will be sure to post a report w/pics when we return. Wish me luck!