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  1. Im thinking about heading up to the Sandusky this weekend for eyes. Does anyone know how the run is going up there? I have not seen too many updates about the Sandusky and just wanted to know what im in for if im going to make an 1 1/2hr trip. Any help would be nice, you can even PM me. Thank you :confused:

  2. Give it another week to 2 weeks. Thats coming from the game warden up there. I was there yesterday saturday. and nothing. I drove 2 1/2 hrs to see a guy catch a carp!!! There was about 20 people there and no one caught walleye. Ill try again this weekend.

  3. Are you asking about the Maumee run or the Western reefs? :confused: Big difference.
  4. Actually ended up going to the Sandusky River on Sat and didnt see one caught. I think i will wait a few more weeks before trying again. :(
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    maaan..that flow looks sloooooow and looow..
  6. I am thinking about heading up on Saturday morning from Columbus-area? Is it worth it? Anyone else from C-bus want to go with me....Gas is $2.19/gal. :)
  7. I am headed to Maumee tomorrow morning with my brother. Depending on how things go I might change up and try Fremont with a buddy on Saturday. I will let you know how things go Friday.