Sandusky River Smallie's

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  1. We absolutely hammered the fish yesterday afternoon. From 2pm, until 8:30 we caught 50+ smallie's, and well over 150 rock bass. 1/8oz jig with 3"white twister tails did the trick. Find a section of rock bottom with a hole and current break and work it until you stop catching fish, then move on upstream. Good luck.

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    That's awesome! What stretch of the river (not asking for the spot, just wondering if it was in Fremont, between there and Tiffin or south of Tiffin. I used to hammer them around the blue banks as a kid, there is a lot of great water around there, also caught a lot between Fremont and Tiffin. Glad you got them!

  3. Beside Harrison Smith Park, from the Old U.S. 30 bridge, to the walking path of the resevoir, and then at the water plant. I couldn't fish today but the guy who was with me yesterday worked the same stretch again today and had similar results. He did say the size ran a little larger today. If anyone works this stretch please practice catch and release. It takes way too long to replace these fish. Good luck.

  4. Hi Captain Kevin,

    Not very familiar with that stretch of water. Did you guys wade that stretch? What is the depth? My guess it is probably similar to the Portage up around Elmore where you have a lot of rock and you just wade (ankle to shin dip) and cast the deeper pools and eddys?

  5. You can wade it, but I prefere to stay up on bank so I don't spook as many fish. This time of year the vegetation is low enough you get to any castable spot with little effort. Your correct about the similarity between the two rivers. I think the Sandusky has a stronger current flow though.
  6. I appreciate it.

    May have to try it sometime. Have not been to the Portage yet this year, but may have to soon. Been to busy and have been on the big lake some.

    Thanks again.